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Empowerment through Tax Education

Understanding and managing personal finances is a critical life skill. However, often students
graduate without financial literacy, leaving them ill-equipped to handle their own finances.
Furthermore, the tax code continues to be complex with new rules being added and old rules
being discontinued.
Compound this with a nationwide shortage of tax preparers which is thereby creating a demand
for individuals with those skills.
To address these needs, The Workforce Solutions and Continuing Education Division at
Hagerstown Community College is partnering with Saunders Tax & Accounting to offer the
Comprehensive Tax Course I & II this Fall 2023. The aim is to bridge the knowledge gap and
open doors to valuable employment opportunities.
This two-part course begins October 10 th and features classes every Tuesday and Thursday from
9 am to Noon or 6 pm to 9 pm. Both onsite (held at Saunders Tax & Accounting) and online
options are available, plus an on-demand option to suit every schedule.
During these 2, five-week courses, students will gain an understanding of the ever-complex tax
code, grasp tax-savings tips to apply to their own tax situation, and learn to prepare individual
and small business tax returns which is an employable and in-demand skill.

The Comprehensive Tax Course I & II covers a wide array of topics enabling the successful
student to be able to prepare individual and small business tax returns. Upon completion,
students are eligible to sit for the Maryland Tax Preparer Licensure Exam.
Because Maryland is focused on preparing students for entering the workforce or higher
education, there are various scholarships available. Whether through HCC’s Workforce
Training Scholarships or Western Maryland Consortium’s programs to help adults learn the
skillset needed leading to gainful employment, there are funding options available for the
Comprehensive Tax Course.
Even accounting graduates and some Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) recognize a gap in
their education when it comes to practical tax preparation. The Comprehensive Tax Course I &
II addresses this gap by offering specialized training that hones the skills needed for effective
tax preparation.
By equipping individuals with the knowledge and tools they need to navigate the convoluted
tax landscape, this course not only empowers students personally but also contributes to
meeting the shortage of tax preparers nationwide. To learn more about the course curriculum
and registration details, visit (Registration is provided
by Hagerstown Community College and course instruction provided by Saunders Tax &
Saunders Tax & Accounting is open Monday through Thursday from 9 am to 5 pm and is
available online at Awarded the Hagerstown Chamber of Commerce
“2023 Small Business of the Year”, we have been providing a Less Taxing Life and More
Prosperous Solutions since 1984!


Social Media Tax Scams

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has issued a consumer alert about a wave of tax scams and misleading social media advice that duped thousands of

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