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WAYNESBORO, PA (SEPT. 30, 2019) – “Everyone loves Rosie. She’s a joy to be around.” That’s what both coworkers and patients say about Certified Nurse Midwife Rosie Klinepeter.

For nearly 20 years, women in the region relied on the caring hands of Klinepeter to provide them gynecologic and prenatal care.

Everyone Loves Rosie: Midwife Klinepeter Retires
Certified Nurse Midwife Rosie Klinepeter has retired after nearly 20 years of helping women become new mothers.

During her career, Rosie delivered almost 2,000 babies as those women entered new phases in their lives and became mothers.

Last week, Klinepeter entered a new phase of life, herself – retirement. But, she said, she is leaving local women in the capable hands of her colleagues at WellSpan OB/GYN in Waynesboro.

“Everyone loves Rosie. She’s a joy to be around, she’s funny, and there are many patients that will only see her, We’re going to miss her.”

Practice Manager Jen Foreman

Rosie’s Career Has Roots in Candy Striper Service

Klinepeter, who started her journey into health care as a candy striper and then a registered nurse, said when she decided she wanted to become a midwife, she hoped she’d be able to do it for 10 years.

“I asked God for 10 years – now, it’s almost 20,” said Klinepeter. “Once (women) have a baby with you, you’re like a part of their family for the rest of their life.”

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Klinepeter said she’s developed close relationships with her patients. She has cared for their prenatal and birthing needs. She prays with them if they request it and stays in touch with them outside of the medical practice.

“It’s going to leave a real hole,” said Shelby Oliver, a registered nurse on WellSpan Waynesboro Hospitals Family Birthing Services unit. “But, it’s a well-deserved retirement.”

Klinepeter said she owes her gratitude to the patients who allowed her the privilege of caring for them.

“Thank you all for allowing me to be part of your family and your life,” she said. “Thank you for trusting me with your health care.”

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