South Mountain Creamery: Expanding home delivery service

Home delivery

South Mountain Creamery is expanding its home delivery service to theSouth CentralPennsylvania area, including Chambersburg, Harrisburg, and Gettysburg.SMC, a thriving farmer-owned and operated creamery, operates an established home delivery service.

Expanding home delivery service
Trickling Springs organic milk can now be delivered directly to customer’s doorsteps every week.

Customers can choose from a variety of farm-fresh foods, includingTrickling Springs Organicmilk; to be delivered directly to their front doors on a weekly basis.

South Mountain Creamery increased its operations by roughly 50% this yeardue to skyrocketing demand. The family-owned businesspurchased the the Trickling Spring plant and storefront; reopening the Chambersburg store and renaming it The Market at Trickling Springs.

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The goal was to support community needs and the needs of farmers in Chambersburg. This decision allowed the business to simultaneously increase its production capacity and support local Pennsylvania farmers.Expanding its home delivery service to the local area was in the plan, but owners originally thought that might not happen until next year.

“We’re very pleased to bring our home delivery services to theSouth CentralPennsylvania area,” said TonyBrusco, CEO, South Mountain Creamery. “The Chambersburg community has really welcomed us with open arms this year, so we’re glad to be offering them something in return.”

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