Fannett-Metal Graduates 39 Students

Graduation at Fannett-Metal High School for the Class of 2022 was held indoors Friday, May 27 due to the inclement weather forecast. 

Family and friends anxiously awaited for the 7:30 p.m. ceremony to begin.  Thirty-nine seniors were slated to cross the stage Friday night to end one chapter and to begin another. 

Mr. Todd Best, Principal welcomed everyone and Mr. Daniel Simpson, Interim Superintendent introduced the two student speakers for the evening. 

Jenna Hoffmann served as class of 2022 president and also was the valedictorian.  “It is because of all of your love, support, and guidance over the last 4 years that we have made it here this evening. We love you and couldn’t have done it without you!” 

Jenna thanked all of the families and faculty.   She was inspired to tell a story she was reminded of from her sister’s tee shirt, “Feed the Good Wolf” which challenged the graduates to look for the positive and lastly she closed with a prayer for her fellow graduates quoting Numbers 6:24-26. 

Garrett Goshorn, class salutatorian was introduced next. “The Class of 2022 has never failed to make memories. We have laughed, cried, and learned together for 13 years. Our teachers have supported us from the first day of kindergarten. Mrs. Crider, Mrs. Cook, and Mrs. Perry – I’m not sure how you survived our crazy class but thank you for giving us a great start.” 

Mr. Todd Best then read all of the scholarships, awards, and accomplishments as students stood to be recognized.   Then it was the time everyone was waiting for – the diploma distribution.  Mr. Best and Mr. Simpson were assisted by Board President, Sue Rosenberry. 


Fellow Board Members Wally Hoffmann, Shelly Boggs, and Stacy Coffman assisted to hand their family member their diploma. 

The last students name, Emma Wood, was read and Mr. Todd Best offered his closing remarks. 

Best closed with a quote from Jack Welch, “Before you are a leadersuccess is all about growing yourself. When you become a leadersuccess is all about growing others.”  Mr. Todd Best then said, “I now present to you the graduated class of 2022”  

Photo Credit: Earley Photography

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