FCFP reaches goal: We are on Android

Franklin County Free Press reached a major goal today! Our latest accomplishment — a mobile news app — debuted on Google Play Store for Android mobile devices..

When he took the reigns of the publication in January, Nathan Neil outlined having a mobile app as one our main initiatives this year. Developing a mobile application has a significant amount of cost and development time.

Google Play Store app

Today, we took a huge first step towards achieving this goal. After several days of review, Android has approved our app for Google Play.

This was not an easy task. Application development alone is time-consuming. But the process news organizations go through to acquire approval is even more time-consuming.

FCFP and its management thanks to our readers and advertisers who made financial contributions to get us this far.

We did not make it public earlier, but LaunchUX a web development and SEO firm owned by Neil, made a significant financial contribution to spearhead these efforts.

Apps for mobile users

“My dream from the newspaper’s earliest days was to provide an app to make it easier for our readers to access our community news content,” said FCFP founder Vicky Taylor. “It is something our readers have long said they wanted, and needed.”

She expressed gratitude to Neil and LaunchUX for their work in making the app a reality.

A large percentage of the newspaper’s readers access FCFP on mobile devices, either cell phones or tablets. This app will benefit them and improve their daily reading experience

The app is available on the Google Play store at this link. You must be on a mobile device to access the play store link. Or try this link, again from a mobile device.

Next is Apple and we have aspirations to be approved and available in the App Store by the beginning of July.