FCFreePress.com Usage Report for Jan 2019

Early Indicators Point to Exponential Growth.


The domain name FCFreePress.com was registered on January 7, 2019. We spent the month of January in research and development of the website. We connected the website to Google Analytics on January 12th. The traffic analysis portion of this report covers the last 19 days of January.

All of our time in January was dedicated to the design and development of the website. We expect to finish with the design by the end of February. We will continue to develop and maintain the website for the life of the website.

Although the numbers are low for January, we have only been online for 19 days and managed to generated 231 viewers. Early February numbers show growth in total visitors including returning visitors, new visitors, page views and total view time. It also shows a 46% drop in our bounce rate.

We have reached 180 Facebook followers in just a few short weeks and we average 1 new follower a day. Our goal for Facebook is to reach 10,000 followers by July 2019.

Our search engine referrals are low because organic website search engine marketing is a long term system. The more content that we produce, the higher our page rank score will climb. The higher our page rank the higher on the search engine we appear. Our goal is to appear on the 1st page above the fold on all relevant search queries. We have installed a search engine optimization tool and use a search engine specialist to optimize the website for search engines.

97% of viewers are located in Pennsylvania and 70% of those viewers are located in Franklin County. We are building a strong local following in Franklin County.

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Website Features:

The website was designed to give our readers the best experience possible. Layout and navigation have been planned in accordance with what the public most wants to read about.

Free to the Public

  • 27 News Categories
  • Local Events Listings
  • Recipes
  • Product and Service Reviews
  • Website is Mobile Ready

For the Advertisers

  • 15 Standardized Advertising Spots within the Website Layout
  • Custom Advertising Spots – Full Page, 1/2 page, 1/4 page ect…
  • Unlimited Product or Service Review Advertising Spots

Future Growth is Expected to Rise Exponentially.

We expect to finish the design, development and testing of the website in February. Regular maintenance of the software and database will be required.

We are scheduled to start daily production of news on March 1st. The largest expense for our business model is labor. Someone has to go out and collect the news and publish it.

Our next goal post is to reach a monthly viewer rate of 10,000 visitors per month by July of 2019. That is an ambitious goal, but we believe we can achieve it within 6 months. It will result in about 333 visitors per day. We believe that daily local news content production can achieve that goal.

Our final goal post is to reach a monthly viewer rate of 50,000 to 75,000 returning visitors per month from within Franklin County, PA. We believe that daily local news content production can achieve that goal.

Current Employ List

  • 1 Editor / Reporter / Photographer – Full Time
  • 1 Reporter / Photographer – Part Time
  • 1 IT Tech / Reporter – Part Time

Our Total Employ Needs

  • 1 Editor / Reporter / Photographer – Full Time
  • 3 Reporters / Photographers – Full Time
  • 1 IT Tech / Marketing Manager – Full Time

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  1. I think it is so wonderful that Franklin County Free Press is growing! I’m sure readership will continue to increase as word spreads! I like having real local news again! Thank you and I wish you much success!!!


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