Four more TBM Avenger flights added at WWII Weekend

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Due to increased demand, the WWII weekend has added four more warbird ride flights in their TBM Avenger torpedo bomber at the WWII Weekend in Reading, PA. The TBM is the largest and heaviest single-engine bomber of WWII and is one of the most sought-after warbird rides. This warbird flies with up to two passengers, one in the Observer seat behind the pilot and one in the machine-gun Turret seat.

These additional rides are available on Friday June 2 at 9AM, 12 Noon, 1PM and 5PM. If you’re going to the WWII Weekend and missed out on booking a flight earlier, here is your opportunity to fly in the TBM Avenger. We are sold out on Saturday and Sunday.

You may purchase your TBM Avenger flight at our bookings website Or contact them at

If you can’t make it to Reading, the TBM Avenger will be flying rides all summer long at an airport near you!

After an extensive six-month research project by one of the world’s leading experts, they have determined that their Stinson Sentinel is actually a very rare US Marine OY-1 that flew in combat in WWII. This warbird is one of only a handful or so of aircraft to have WWII combat experience that is still flying.

The Stinson OY-1 was delivered to Marine Corps Base Quantico, VA in December 1943. It subsequently flew off the escort carrier White Plains and was the first warbird to land on the island of Saipan where it provided combat support during the Battle of Saipan, June 1944.

This rare aircraft will make its warbird ride debut June 24-25 at the Lancaster PA Airport where it will be joined by our Fairchild UC-61 Forwarder, Boeing PT-17 Stearman bi-plane, and TBM Avenger in offering warbird rides to the public. In addition, there will be a WWII C-47 twin-engine transport plane on static display offering tours.

You may purchase warbird rides at their bookings website Or contact us at


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