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Franklin and Fulton Counties Fight Against Addiction

Overview of the Franklin and Fulton Drug and Alcohol Program

The Franklin and Fulton Drug and Alcohol Program (FFDA) is one of the most prominent resources that Franklin and Fulton Counties have to offer.

Serving as a Single County Authority (or SCA), the Franklin and Fulton Drug and Alcohol Program receives both state and federal funds. These funds from the state and federal government help to provide administrative, treatment, and prevention for those who are struggling with drug addiction, alcohol misuse, and other types of addictions.

James Eagler, employed with the FFDA for over five years, has recently been promoted to administrator. Mr. Eagler shares, “We are constantly evaluating how we are spending our dollars and looking at data. With evaluating that data, we look to make changes whether that be expansion, enhancing a program, or taking the funding and putting it into a different program.”

Truly, the FFDA aims to always evaluate the community and implement new strategies to keep Franklin and Fulton Counties healthy.

Prevention, Intervention, Treatment, and Recovery

The FFDA has numerous resources and programs to offer to help anyone who may be struggling with addiction.

When it comes to prevention, the FFDA offers services including evidence-based programs, education information, drug and alcohol presentations, training, and Pennsylvania Area Youth Surveys (PAYS). The FFDA can also provide resources and education to Franklin and Fulton County schools or organizations. Mr. Eagler emphasizes, “Prevention is the cheapest, most cost-effective way.”

The FFDA also works alongside many committees and healthcare departments including WellSpan Health, Keystone Health, and the Overdose Task Force of Franklin County.

As for training services, the FFDA works alongside the Overdose Task Force of Franklin County to educate individuals on what an overdose looks like and how to respond to someone who may be experiencing an overdose through the Operation Save a Life Program.

Since the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved Naloxone (or Narcan), a non-addictive medication that reverses opioid overdoses, trainees will now receive this medication during their training sessions. In the end, the Operation Save a Life training helps the public prevent, recognize, and respond to opioid overdoses.

Lastly, one important thing to note is that the FFDA does not offer treatment services but can help fund treatment services. Within Franklin County, there are four treatment providers, and within Fulton County, there is one treatment provider. Unfortunately, the biggest barrier to recovery from addiction is being able to afford treatment.

Joseph Bailey, Recovery Oriented Systems of Care Specialist (ROSC), reminds readers, “Not everyone is going to have the same exact way to recovery.”

If you or a loved one are searching for treatment services or financial resources to pay for treatment, reach out to the FFDA at or call (717)-263-1256.

Treatment Atlas, is also available to search for the perfect care. Treatment Atlas evaluates addiction treatment facilities’ use of evidence-based best practices, includes assessment to understand the proper level of care, and offers an easy-to-use dashboard to help those in need find the perfect care.

When using Treatment Atlas, provide your zip code or town you reside in, and Treatment Atlas will provide a survey to help you find the correct care you need.

Mr. Eagler reflects on the resources and programs provided by the FFDA, “We want healthy people to stay healthy, and we want individuals to live longer and healthier. Ultimately, addiction affects their freedom. We want people to be free and live free as much as they can.”

A Continual Crisis at Hand

Drug addiction and alcohol misuse are continual battles that individuals fight daily. Unfortunately, alcohol is considered the ultimate concern for the Franklin County community.

Though, for drug overdoses specifically, 70-80% of major deaths are synthetic opioids like Fentanyl. Looking at the addiction crisis from a demographic’s viewpoint, Mr. Eagler shared that the most concerning statistic is that “72% of the overdose deaths are between the ages of 35 and 60.” Further statistics revealed that individuals “under the age of 25 are about 5%, ages 35 to 45 is 31%, and ages 45 to 60 are 41%. Ages 60 and up were less of a concern as well being under 5%.”

Again, the major concern of the demographics was between the ages of 35 and 60. Bailey reflects, “The end goal is to ultimately stop addiction, but realistically, addiction will never stop.”

Mr. Eagler also shares his thoughts on these demographics, “We are constantly making sure that our system is evolving with the trends of the community. We are working with as many organizations as possible because it is vital for us to keep our community safe and healthy.”

Ultimately, the end goal for the FFDA and many other organizations is to help those who are struggling with addiction and keep the community healthy. Mr. Eagler concludes, “We recognize members of our community that end up with substance abuse disorders and misuse. We want everyone to be healthy.”

If anyone has questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Franklin and Fulton Drug and Alcohol Program. They are truly here to help the community.

If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction and are searching for prevention, intervention, or treatment programs, visit the Franklin and Fulton County Drug and Alcohol Program website or call 1-800-662-HELP (4357)


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