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Franklin and Fulton County Drug Recovery Resources and Programs

Franklin and Fulton Counties seek to help individuals who are struggling with drug and alcohol addiction through recovery programs and additional services.

If you or someone you love needs immediate help now, call the crisis hotline at 717-264-2555. The PA Department of Drug and Alcohol can help as well if you are experiencing an immediate need at 1-800-662-4357.

Adult Recovery Groups and Programs

Franklin County has numerous recovery groups and programs to offer for those who are struggling with drug addiction.

One such recovery program known as Celebrate Recovery in Greencastle encourages openness with any issues an individual may be facing and places God at the center. The group, started by Don Heckman and his wife, offers 12 steps and 8 recovery principles to help individuals break through their hurts, habits, and hangups.

Don Heckman shares, “We thought it would be a good program for our church to do.”

The Celebrate Recovery group believes that God’s healing power and grace are at the center of this group. “If people come through this program and apply what they are learning, it is 100%. Some people are just coming to check off the box saying they are cured,” Don Heckman shares, Celebrate Recovery gives people the chance to be open and talk about life in general with issues that are affecting them.”

Other programs and resources that are offered in the Franklin County area include SMART Recovery and also Freedom from the Fight: Family and Friends Support Group. SMART Recovery is a more evidence-informed approach to overcoming addiction whereas Freedom from the Fight uses science-based behavioral approaches.

For more information on these addiction recovery groups visit the links provided.

Franklin and Fulton Drug and Alcohol Program

Another significant resource within the Franklin and Fulton County areas is the Franklin and Fulton Drug and Alcohol Program (FFDA). Administrator James Eagler and his team at the FFDA work consistently to help those who are struggling with the disease of addiction.

The FFDA serves as a Single County Authority (or SCA) for the Franklin and Fulton Counties receiving state and federal funds to be used towards administrative, treatment, and prevention. The FFDA (or SCA) has three subdivisions: prevention/intervention, case management, and recovery support.

Numerous of these services are provided by the FFDA including Operation Save a Life and Case Management programs. Operation Save a Life is a training program helping to understand what an overdose looks like and how to respond to someone overdosing. Case Management programs also exist and are for any Franklin and Fulton County residents that have substance use concerns.

The FFDA also works closely with Keystone Health, WellSpan, and other committees to help bring awareness to drug overdose deaths, addiction, alcohol misuse, and more prevention programs for the area.

James Eagler shares, “We do our best to connect people with our resources and programs in Franklin County. We are here for the county. If anyone may have questions, reach out to the department.”

More in-depth information will be provided about the FFDA (SCA) in a later article.

Franklin County Drug Overdose Task Force

The Franklin County Overdose Task Force is another resource within the local area. Formed in 2015, the task force was created to help address the opioid crisis.

Working closely with the FFDA, the overdose task force has successfully created more resources and programs for the community to help prevent overdose deaths and stop drug addiction. Some of these programs and resources include: the Good Wolf Treatment Court, Operation Save a Life training, and the Get Back Up diversion program.

The Franklin County Overdose Task Force lists numerous potential recovery programs within the Franklin County area. Treatment information is also listed on their website provided.

The Addiction Crisis

Franklin and Fulton Counties seek to always help individuals who are struggling with the disease of addiction.

Recovery programs, housing, and other additional services have been prevalent throughout the counties hoping to help decrease the number of lives lost.

A recent study conducted by the University of Pittsburgh’s School of Pharmacy showed that overdose deaths have decreased since 2016 for the Franklin County area. 2016 showed that there were 46 overdoses in the county. In 2020, it decreased to approximately 29 overdoses. The data has not yet been updated for 2021-2023 for the local area.

Though this may be a decrease in numbers of overdoses, lives are still being lost from experiencing the heavy weight and disease known as addiction.

Drug addiction is a grave issue within our culture and society. Being aware of the county’s drug recovery needs can be beneficial for all who live in the Franklin and Fulton County areas. By one program or resource at a time, we have the power and potential to help those who are struggling.

If you or someone you love needs access or help right away, call the crisis hotline at 717-264-2555. The PA Department of Drug and Alcohol can help as well if you are experiencing a crisis. Call 1-800-662-4357 for help.


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