Franklin County Good Wolf Treatment Court Graduates 26th and 27th Participants

Franklin County Good Wolf Treatment Court

The Franklin County Good Wolf Treatment Court is gearing up to honor its 26th and 27th graduates with a special ceremony on July 27. Open to the public, the event will commence at 5 p.m. in the Historic Courtroom of the Franklin County Judicial Center, situated at 14 N. Main St., Chambersburg.

Judge Jeremiah Zook warmly welcomes the community to join in celebrating the remarkable achievements of individuals who have exemplified unwavering dedication to their recovery journey and commitment to a life of sobriety. The graduation from the Good Wolf Treatment Court stands as a testament to their resilience and their aspiration to become productive contributors to our community.

Initiated in April 2017 in response to the opioid epidemic in Franklin County, the Good Wolf Treatment Court is a collaborative effort that involves the probation department, law enforcement, mental health services, and treatment counselors. It offers an alternative to incarceration for criminal defendants, providing a rigorous and challenging program that fosters sobriety, recovery, honesty, and accountability.

Eligibility for the program begins with a screening and recommendation by the Franklin County District Attorney. Following that, candidates are required to undergo a comprehensive drug and alcohol assessment by a clinical provider, assume responsibility for their criminal conduct, and agree to a sentence that may include both jail time and treatment.

Throughout the program, participants are closely monitored, attending treatment court sessions every two weeks to track their progress. Community service is a compulsory component of participation, and honesty and accountability form the core values of the Good Wolf Treatment Court. Incentives or sanctions are provided based on participants’ behavior, serving as motivational tools for positive change.

Since its inception, the Good Wolf Treatment Court has welcomed 110 individuals into the program. However, only 27 have reached graduation, which attests to the stringent requirements of the program and the challenges participants face in their journey to recovery. Nonetheless, the court’s approach, combining accountability, engagement, honesty, treatment, and transformative life changes, continues to save lives while also reducing the associated costs of prosecution and incarceration.

For those seeking more information on the Good Wolf Treatment Court, feel free to call 717-261-3848.

Join the community in honoring these graduates as they take a significant step forward in their path to healing and renewed hope. Let us come together to celebrate their accomplishments and support the positive impact of the Good Wolf Treatment Court in Franklin County.


Ann Marie Moore obituary 1944-2023

Ann is a lifelong member of St. John Lutheran Church in Fairfield, and a member and past president of AORN (Association of periOperative Registered Nurses).

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