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Franklin County Housing Snapshot, Rates over 2023

The housing market in Franklin County, is quite competitive, with an average house price of $325,000, up 16.1% since last year. The market has seen various changes in inventory and pricing, making it essential for buyers and sellers to understand the current trends.

Price Trends by Bedroom Count

  • 1 Bedroom Homes: No change in price
  • 2 Bedroom Homes: Increased by 25%
  • 3 Bedroom Homes: Increased by 13.7%
  • 4 Bedroom Homes: Increased by 32%
  • 5+ Bedroom Homes: Increased by 9.6%

Inventory Changes

  • 1 Bedroom Homes: No change
  • 2 Bedroom Homes: Decreased by 3.8%
  • 3 Bedroom Homes: Decreased by 6.8%
  • 4 Bedroom Homes: Decreased by 3.3%
  • 5+ Bedroom Homes: Increased by 8%

Sale Dynamics

  • Homes Sold Under Asking: 31%
  • Homes Sold At Asking: 39%
  • Homes Sold Over Asking: 29%

Time on Market

The average time a home stays on the market has increased to 17 days, up by 20.2% compared to last year.

Key Takeaways

  1. Buyer’s Perspective: If you’re planning to buy, expect to pay close to the asking price, as 39.2% of homes sold near the asking price last month.
  2. Seller’s Perspective: With a 2.0% month-over-month increase in homes sold or pending, it’s a favorable market for sellers.
  3. Act Fast: Many homes are selling quickly, so both buyers and sellers need to act fast to capitalize on current market conditions.

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