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Franklin County, PA: A Snapshot of 2023 Municipal Election Results

In the wake of the 2023 Municipal Elections, Franklin County, Pennsylvania, has spoken with its votes, and the message is loud and clear. With a 30% voter turnout, the election saw Republican candidates making significant strides in local offices, while Democrats claimed statewide judicial seats.

Dan McCaffery, a Democrat, emerged victorious in the much-contested Pennsylvania Supreme Court race, a win that amplifies the liberal majority on the court. This judicial victory is seen as pivotal, given the court’s influence on voter rights, environmental issues, and pandemic-related rulings.

The Commonwealth Court judge election followed suit, with Democrat Matt Wolf defeating his Republican opponent. Wolf’s background as a U.S. Army veteran and Civil Rights trial lawyer resonated with voters, leading to his election as a judge with 52% of the votes.

Local offices in Franklin County told a different story, with Republican candidates running unopposed for many positions. Ian Brink took the District Attorney’s office, Benjamin Sites became the first-term Sheriff, and Republicans John Flannery and Dean Horst won the County Commissioners race.

Despite the overwhelming Republican wins, there were glimmers of Democratic success. Bob Ziobrowski retained his position as a County Commissioner, and in Chambersburg, Chadwick Hare secured a narrow victory on the town council.

The election results reflect the diverse political landscape of Franklin County. From the local councils to the school boards, the voters have chosen a mix of incumbents and fresh faces to lead their community forward.

As we dissect the outcomes, one thing is certain: Franklin County’s voters are engaged and impassioned, poised to shape the future of their municipality. With these election results, they have set the stage for the leadership that mirrors their collective aspirations and concerns.


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