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Franklin County Removed from Sanctuary County List

Franklin County, Pennsylvania, has been officially removed from the Center for Immigration Studies’ sanctuary counties list, as confirmed by the Franklin County Commissioners. The county was mistakenly included in this list, which tracks regions that limit cooperation with federal immigration enforcement.

After collaborative efforts between the Franklin County administration and the Center for Immigration Studies, it was established that the county’s policies do not align with those typically associated with sanctuary jurisdictions. This correction was made on the center’s website late last week.

Commissioner Chairman Dean Horst expressed gratitude for the Center’s cooperation in resolving the issue. “We are grateful to no longer be listed as a sanctuary county,” Horst stated, emphasizing Franklin County’s ongoing commitment to collaborating with federal immigration authorities within the bounds of federal law.

The county continues to stay informed on legal developments to maintain effective partnerships with immigration enforcement agencies. This includes routine interactions between Franklin County Jail staff and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to facilitate the transfer of detainees of interest to ICE upon their release.

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