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Franklin County’s COVID-19 death toll rose to five with two new deaths reported Sunday by Coroner Jeff Conner.

Conner reported the latest deaths Sunday afternoon and early evening. The state Department of Health report lists 205 confirmed Coronavirus cases in Franklin County since the first case was reported more than five weeks ago. That doesn’t mean 205 people now have the virus. Many of those would have already recovered.

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DOH does not track recovered cases, but it does keep track of cumulative totals. Today’s DOH report still has Franklin County’s death toll from the virus at 2.

WellSpan Health also keeps track of the patients tested and treated throughout its six-county South-central Pennsylvania system. WellSpan posts those numbers on its data website at 12 a.m. every day, reflecting the prior days numbers.

According to WellSpan, the health provider has tested 14,846 patients in the six-county area. Of those, 1,460 (about 10%) have tested positive since the testing began in March.

In Franklin County, 184 of 2,455 patients tested positive, or about 7.7%. Adams County had the lowest positive rate; about 6.1%, or 103 of 1,747 patients tested positive.

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Keep in mind that WellSpan’s numbers don’t necessarily reflect the total number of tests completed in any of the communities. In franklin County, for instance, Keystone Health and possibly the state health department as well as private labs are able to do the same tests.

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WellSpan’s daily reports also contain totals of patients being treated as well as deaths on specific days at its hospitals.

On Saturday (as reported at 12 a.m. Sunday), Chambersburg Hospital had 19 patients that tested positive for the virus and two suspected cases. Five patients have died of complications of the virus as of yesterday. They weren’t all Franklin County residents, however. Three were from Cumberland County.

Some readers have questioned the ratio of COVID-19 patients to available respirators at Chambersburg Hospital. The WellSpan report does not contain that information or say how many of the patients are on respirators. FCFP will follow up with the hospital Monday on that issue.

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