Looking Back: Franklin County’s history April 22nd

Franklin County’s history

Take a look back at Franklin County’s history through news and photos that appeared in local newspapers 25, 50, and 100 years ago on April 22nd.

25 Years Ago

25 Years Ago

April 22, 1996 – Monday

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“Think of Earth Day your neighborhood”

“Think globally, act locally.”

The bumper sticker on the car in front of me did its job: It got my attention and made an impression.

I saw the sticker about two weeks ago. I’m still thinking about it.  The sticker resonates this close to Earth Day.  Today is the 26th anniversary of consciousness-raising for the environment.

Polluting less and conserving wisely demands sacrifice, patience, cooperation and civility from everyone.

That isn’t easy.

Furthermore, when it comes to nature, there is plenty of uncertainty about what afflicts the elements.  

Remember the debate on whether there is such a thing as global warming?

Nevertheless, there is still an unexplained hole in the ozone shield over Antarctica.  It is still reasonable to conclude that aerosol chemicals and carbon monoxide from motor vehicles and smokestacks do not help the atmosphere.

As trees and flowers blossom and bring a spirit of renewal, it should be inspiration for people to do environmental audits:

Is recycling more a way of life one year later?   It seems more practical and profitable unlike a decade ago, when there was no market to reuse goods like paper.

Some pollution is a byproduct of affluence. More Americans live in the suburbs now.  They are papered over with junk mail, shoppers and catalogs.  The free enterprise system is trying to pry money from our wallets.  We can patronize or ignore unsolicited waste.  Will we be inclined to dispose of it conscientiously?

The world has little choice but to think of itself as a neighborhood. You don’t like it when  neighbors throw trash in the street, let pets foul your lawn or allow filth to collect.  The continents and their peoples must realize that they should not impose on each other.

Cities that care about appearances incorporate green space and trees in strategic areas to give a sense of calm and beauty.

(An editorial)

50 Years Ago

April 22, 1971 – Thursday

“Spring Cleaning”

County's history April 22nd

Workmen are sandblasting and cleaning the fountain in Chambersburg’s memorial square.  Note the two-toned cherubs.   

The sandblasting is being done by T. K. Nitterhouse Co., the base work by the E. D. Plummer Co., and the borough will do the painting.

The borough’s service supervisor John Taylor said it’s the first time the fountain has been sandblasted.  He said he felt it was necessary to remove “many layers of old paint and dirt.”  Taylor said the work should be finished and water flowing before Memorial Day.

100 Years Ago

April 22, 1921 – Sunday

“Has Easter egg 63 years old”

Chambersburg – Mrs. Jacob Frantz of South Broad street, Waynesboro, has an Easter egg that for age is perhaps unequaled In the country. It was presented to her by her mother, Mrs. Jacob Stouffer, then residing a mile east of Chambersburg and when Mrs. Frantz was a little girl. The egg bears the following inscription wrought with Mrs. Stouffer’s own skillful hand :

“This is the day when Christ rose so early from the dead. TO: Annie R. Stouffer, April 4, 1858.”

The egg, therefore, is 63 years old and the shell (colored, brown) looks as fresh as Easter day more than half a century ago. Mrs. Frantz also has kept the pretty little basket in which the egg was originally put by Mrs. Stouffer and which has been its place of safe keeping ever since. She also has a set of child’s dishes that her mother gave her about the same time as the egg and which she still highly prizes.


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