Looking Back: Franklin County’s history Dec 27th

County’s history Dec 4nd

Take a look back at Franklin County’s history through news and photos that appeared in local newspapers 25, 50, and 100 years ago on Dec 27th.

25 Years Ago

December 27, 1921 Tuesday

Merchants Send Nice Collection for Certain Purpose

“Display of baby articles in P. O. window”

Chambersburg – There was placed in the Public Opinion window on Saturday a group of articles that has already aroused a lot of curiosity in the passersby, who look in the window and see the collection.  Manifestly, the articles are all meant for the use of the greatest object in the world: a baby.

But what are they doing in a newspaper office window?  First let us tell you what the articles are and where they came from.  

Alphabetically speaking, that is apathetically, according to the name of the owner of the store from which they came, there is first a baby’s record book.  This is from Henderson & Mong gift shop and in the book are pages to record various interesting data about the baby.  

Next is a sweater from Henninger’s store.   That is the sweater will be in the P. O. window as soon as Mr. Henninger receives it, as he has ordered it especially for this collection.  

C. W. Keefer has furnished the next articles, two pairs of fluffy wool booties to keep the baby’s tootsies good and warm.  

Lafrd’s furnishing store has furnished a hand knit woolen cap that is aimed to keep the baby’s head nice and warm.  Letter Bros, have sent a baby carriage set. which holds a rattle and also a medallion with the good advice: “Don’t kiss me.”

Ludwig, the Jeweler, sent a baby’s ring, with a real little diamond in it. Nathan’s contributed a baby’s record book, the kind of a book which if properly used, becomes of great value in after years.


Public Opinion placed $5 in gold, to be used as a nucleus for a bank account for the baby. Shinneman, the Jeweler, has a sterling silver fork and spoon, especially made for the baby by the Rodgers company. Skinner’s drug store sends that always useful article, a hot water bottle, in just the proper size for a baby.  

Walker’s drug store presents a cute little hairbrush and comb, in a dainty box.  That makes quite a valuable collection of baby articles that these merchants have placed together.  

What are they for?  Guess!  We’ll tell you tomorrow!!

50 Years Ago

December 27, 1971 – Sunday

“Man From Home At Rosedale Tonight”

County's history Dec 27th

Chambersburg – Next only to “Lightin” “The Man From Home” enjoys the distinction of being the most universally popular comedy American company of our generation has seen.  Booth Tarkington seems to have been inspired when he wrote “The Man From I Home.”  The effervescent humor, tender pathos and spirit of Americanism touches throughout the play invariably charm all who see it.

“The Man From Home” is a play of keen delight from first to last.  The Manhattan Players are at their very best.  It seems in this play Richard Ward gives a sterling characterization of the famous William T. Hodge part giving it just the proper tinge of human kindness in spite of disappointment and seeming failure to get what he wants most in life.  

Manhattan Players devotees will not miss seeing the favorites in “The Man From Home.”

Tomorrow matinee and night the virile, startling feature play “Branded” will be the attraction that will draw the big crowds to the Rosedale.  The play is said to be a far greater play than either “Damaged Goods” or “Madame X.”  In “Branded” Miss Winnie Wilmer has the best acting part of her career.  Those who remember her excellent performance in “The Call of the Heart” last season will find her equal to the occasion.  “Branded” is a play that furnishes much food for thought and will doubtless create wide discussion.

100 Years Ago

December 27, 1996 –   Friday

Chambersburg –  

“Ask your doctor about Zinc”

Remedies for a cold are as varied as the people who get sick.

Popular home therapies include eating chicken soup, taking vitamin C and drinking plenty of nonalcoholic fluids.

Now, more people are becoming aware of the power of zinc.  But before using it on your next cold, experts suggest that you:

  • Check with your doctor to make sure zinc is right for you. Children and pregnant women should be especially cautious.
  • Pay attention to the dosage and heed the directions for use.
  • See a doctor if symptoms persist or worsen, if you develop a high fever or if you suspect it’s something other than a cold.



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