Looking Back: Franklin County’s history Dec 8th

County’s history Dec 4nd

Take a look back at Franklin County’s history through news and photos that appeared in local newspapers 25, 50, and 100 years ago on Dec 8th.

25 Years Ago

December 8, 1996 –   Sunday

“Many live tree varieties available”

Douglas fir: Short, soft blue-green needles. Symmetrical form and high needle retention.

County's history Dec 8th

Fraser fir: Medium-size tree, native to Appalachian Mountains. Flat needles up to 1 inch long, dark green with round tips. Good needle retention.

County's history Dec 8th

Scotch pine: Dark green to bluish-green needles, two , in each cluster, ranging from 1 to 3 inches long.

County's history Dec 8th

White pine: Bluish-green needles with lacy, graceful foliage when lightly sheered. Very good needle retention.


Norway spruce: Native of northern Europe. Shiny, dark green needles. Dense branches.


Blue spruce: Colorado Blue Spruce is leading ornamental tree among the spruces. Dense with stout, prickly to 1 inch needles.

blue spruce


Source: Pennsylvania Christmas Tree Growers Association

50 Years Ago

December 8, 1971 – Wednesday

“Archaeologist Will Discuss Photo Work”

Chambersburg– Techniques of Archaeological Photography will be the subject of a lecture by Dr. Robert B. Wright, adjunct assistant professor of religion studies at Wilson College, during the Friday meeting of the South Pennsylvania Society of the Archaeological Institute of America.

Relying on six years of work in archaeological excavations at Tel Gezer, Israel, Dr. Wright will discuss general problems in this specialized field of photography.  He will give special attention to the photography of small objects.

Dr. Wright joined the staff of the American Academy of Religion in 1969.  The organization’s offices are located on the Wilson campus, and he also holds part time teaching responsibilities on the college s faculty.

The meeting is at 8 p.m. in Laird Hall Lounge. It is open to the public.

100 Years ago

December 8, 1921 Thursday


Chambersburg – Rural mail delivery out of the Chambersburg post office was established twenty years ago on December 2, during the incumbency of the late M . A . Foltz as postmaster.  Three of the original carriers are still serving their routes.  They are:  George Mull, Daniel Stouffer and David H. Bargers.



Brian Scott Handy obituary 1970~2023

Brian was an Army Veteran who had served in the Gulf War. He enjoyed Video Games, Cooking, and working with his hands, as well as many outdoor activities.