Looking Back: Franklin County’s history December 12th

Franklin County’s history

Take a look back at Franklin County’s history through news and photos that appeared in local newspapers 25, 50, and 100 years ago on December12th.

25 Years Ago

December12, 1995Tuesday

“Family, friends remember John Hull’s easy laugh”

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Those who knew fun-loving John Hull must live with the emptiness and mystery that accompanied his death.

Hull died Saturday after crawling from his burning car on Wayne Road, a mile from Interstate 81, about 1 a.m.

Hull, 56, lived with his wife and two children at 1271 Second Ave. in Scotland.

“Istill don’t know why he was off there” on Wayne Road at that time, said Valeria “Katie” Hull, his wife of 32 years.

Driving tracks for Fresh Express, Hull returned to Greencastle at 8:30 p.m. each Friday and got ready for another run Saturday.

He probably took I-81 home, Mrs. Hull said.Pennsylvania State Police,Greencastle I-81 Chambersburg, are investigating how his vehicle, parked beside Carter Lumber, and his clothes caught fire.An autopsy Sunday revealed Hull was having a severe heart problem at the time of his death.A cause of death has not been determined.Mrs. Hull noticed when she washed his back Friday that he seemed to have a cold and heaving in his chest.

“He never complained.”

A good provider for his family, Hull had a good time working hard.

“He would carry on and tell jokes,” said Chris Weaver, Fresh Express receiving clerk.“He’s going to be missed, especially by his driving buddies.They’re taking it pretty hard. The mood around here is very sad.”

Hull worked 13 years for the vegetable packaging company.His sister, Shirley Hull, and nephew, Sam Hull, also work there.

“If we needed him to take an extra run, you could count on him,” said Chris Weaver, Fresh Express receiving clerk.

“He never missed a day.” Weaver said Hull was in “happy spirits” Friday.

“He got along with everybody,” Mrs. Hull said.

He had been looking forward to a Christmas dinner of turkey and ham.

His daughter’s white Samoyed dog, Cody, is still waiting.

“He still thinks John should be coming home,” Mrs. Hull said. “John would have a hamburger for him when he’d come home.”

50 Years Ago


“County Budget ‘Best Seller’ Around the Courthouse”

Chambersburg – Franklin County office holders and department heads are continuing to ” pore over the proposed 1971 county budget, due to be approved by Franklin County commissioners on Dec. 29.

Just as happens with a child’s list to Santa, many items were stricken off the request list submitted from various departments, with the county heads’ hoping mat what was left would ” keep the recipients happy.

The trimming resulted, as it is in a $4,026,350 budget, compared to the 1970 $2.3 million budget.However taxes remain the same eight mills for general county purposes; three mills improvement fund, fourmills taxable property, except for the library tax, up from six-tenths of a mill to eight-tenths, to fulfill state requirements.

While getting more than before, many judicial departments will find considerable missing under the Christmas tree.

A whopping $24,000 was whacked off the Courts budget requests. Sought was a total of $88,100; but allocated was $64,760.The budget, however, is $3,000 over last year’s budget for that category, which was $61,160.

Biggest cut here came in the fund earmarked wages and fees, with $24,600 received, versus $45,660 asked.Nevertheless the result is still $4,000 higher than the $20,860 allotted court wages

100Years Ago


About Two-Pennant Season


Over in Martinsburg the sentiment seems to be for a two-pennant season for the Blue Ridge League in 1921.The Journal has the following:

“Fans are waiting for the outcome or decision of the committee appointed at the recent election of officers of the Blue Ridge League as to what is going to be done about a split season.”

“Nearly every league with a Class D rating has this split season and it would be a great benefit to losing teams in this league, simply for the fact that it would mean a bolstering up in attendance during the last months of the race.”

“A team may go through the first part of the season and not get any of the breaks and before they have a chance to catch up to the club that Is leading the old race the season is over and they have, lost out entirely, not only title pennant but in attendance as the fans become disgruntled and say, “well what’s the use of attending Just to watch the home boys lose another?”

“With a spilt season it is different as it Is practically two seasons in one, the first one ending about July 4th and the second one ending at the regular time that a one season plan would end.The winners of the two seasons play a post season series and if the league saw fitthey could make it so that the gate receipts or a percentage would go to the other clubs in the league.”

“The split season has been triedout in numerous leagues of Class D ranking, such as the South Atlantic, Florida State, Georgia State and many others and all have found it to be a success in more ways than one.”

“The Blue Ridge League has a chance to put this split season!schedule into effect and if they do the fans will find that it hasnot been a bad move on the officialspart.”


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