Looking Back: Franklin County’s history December 13th

Franklin County’s history

Take a look back at Franklin County’s history through news and photos that appeared in local newspapers 25, 50, and 100 years ago on December13th.

25 Years Ago

December13, 1995Wednesday

“Mercersburg developers are being overly cautious”

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The industrial park in Mercersburg should be able to attract more tenants if the Mercersburg Development Association makes improvements.

Specifically, if it extended Landis Drive between Oregon Street and Loudon Road, there would be greater access to the business park, particularly for trucks.

But the association is leery of applying for a $100,000 grant, in part because it would have to guarantee that 10 jobs would be created in the next five years. Considering how great an improvement such a road expansion would be, it seems improbable that 10 jobs wouldn’t be created. The association is being overly cautious if it doesn’t go through with this funding opportunity.

The extension of Orchard Drive in Chambersburg made a significant difference.

50 Years Ago


“Out in the Cold“

The toll taker at the Chambersburg Borough landfill on Hollywell Avenue will have to stand out in the cold and scattered snow flurries today to collect payments. His office burned Sunday afternoon at 3:03 p.m.   

Borough workmen are constructing a new office shelter for the collector. Franklin and Goodwill companies fought the blaze. 

100Years Ago



Blood transfusion decided upon as being the only means of saving the life of Mrs. A. Nevyas of Chester, Pa., Mrs. M. O. Spital, formerly of town, gave 500 cubic centimeters of blood for transfusion.

Mrs. Spital, who is a nurse in Philadelphia, was on special duty at the University Hospital in that city, where Mrs. Nevyas lay In a state of shock, bordering on death, from the loss of blood, caused by hemorrhages following an operation.

Another 300 cubic centimeters of blood was given by a medical student. The transfusions were successful and the patient is improving, with favorable chances for her complete recovery.


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