Looking Back: Franklin County’s history December 16th

Franklin County’s history

Take a look back at Franklin County’s history through news and photos that appeared in local newspapers 25, 50, and 100 years ago on December16th.

25 Years Ago 

December16, 1995Saturday

“ United Way Goal Expected By End of Year” 

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It looks to be an early Christmas for United Way of Franklin County’s 27 human service agencies.  

United Way has raised more than 75% of this year’s goal of $700,000.  

“I’m pleased with our progress,” said Cindy Hawbaker, executive director.  “But I’ll be much more relieved when we reach 100%.”  

The current fund drive, which has collected more than $525,000 to date, kicked off in late September and wrapped up last month.  

Contributions continue to trickle in to the county office as area companies and industries complete their end-of-year financial reports.  

“We know that some people prefer to donate at the end of the year,” Hawbaker said.  “We just don’t want the campaign to carry on into the next.”  

Annual contributions help support more than two dozen human agencies that provide services from family counseling and day care to emergency medical care and recreational activities for children.  

Although the bulk of donations traditionally come from repeat supporters, many new businesses this year extended their generosity, said Dawn Keller, campaign chairwoman.  

Keller also thanked United Way’s hundreds of volunteers.  

“They’re our backbone,” she said. 

50 Years Ago   


 Christmas Music on PTA Program” 

Three hundred fifty were present for the recent Christmas program of Shady Grove Parent-Teacher Association which featured musical selections by all grades of the school.  Awards were given to pupils in each class selling the most candy in a recent sale, and to the student recording top sales in all the grades. 

100 Years Ago  



Rev. Charles W. Brewbaker, D.D., a Franklin Countian and former pastor of the First U. B. church, Chambersburg, who is General Secretary of the Sunday school interests of that denomination and located at Dayton, Ohio, returned recently from an important and very satisfactory trip to Japan. He reports that he made about forty addresses, visiting all the churches and missions of the, denomination.  He was greatly impressed with the business magnitude and push of the Japanese empire and its people and feels that the people should be evangelized just as speedily as possible.  

Dr. Brewbaker states that he had a pleasant trip in spite of the fact that while he was in the empire he lost fourteen pounds. 


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