Looking Back: Franklin County’s history December 18th

Franklin County’s history

Take a look back at Franklin County’s history through news and photos that appeared in local newspapers 25, 50, and 100 years ago on December 18th.

25 Years Ago 

December18, 1995Monday

“Salvation Army still soliciting“  

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The Salvation Army will distribute new toys, clothing, housewares and food baskets to 235 Franklin County families on Tuesday.   

Its Christmas Castle program will help 450 children this year. It helped 165 families during its first holiday season in 1993.  

Volunteers will continue to ring the bell for the army’s Christmas Kettle program through Saturday.  They are trying to raise $60,000.  

“We are approximately $3,500 short of reaching our goal, but are eternally grateful for everyone who has already given so much to the work of the Salvation Army,” said Larry Shoemaker, committee chairman.  

People or groups who would like to contribute to the kettle program may drop donations into area kettles, or send checks to the Salvation Army, 159 Lincoln Way West. Chambersburg 17201.


50 Years Ago   


“New $5 Food Stamp Will Be Introduced Soon “ 

Chambersburg – A new $5 food coupon will soon be issued to participants in the U. S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Stamp Program.  The new coupon, maroon in color, will be used along with the present 50-cent and $2 coupons.  

The $5 coupon is being introduced to improve the operating efficiency of the Food Stamp Program, which has been greatly expanded during the past year.  A family of four, for example, now gets $106 worth of food coupons each month.  Food buying bonuses paid to the 8,800,000 people taking part in the program in October totaled $125,800,000 five times the bonus payment in November, 1969, before the program was improved.  

The new, larger-denomination coupon will reduce the number of coupons needed to operate the program.  It will also make handling of food stamp coupons more practical and convenient for the participants in the program, for the offices which issue the coupons to participants, for the retail food stores that take the coupons in trade, and for the banks which redeem them.  

Under the Food Stamp Program, administered by the Food and Nutrition Service, eligible low-income families can exchange the amount of money they normally spend on food for food coupons that are worth more.  

The new $5 coupons will be bound into books with a total value of $30, and the present $20 books of $2 coupons will be discontinued.  Books valued at $10 made up of the blue $2 coupons and books worth $2 and $3, containing the orange-colored 50-cent coupons, will be continued.  Conforming with the policy for $2 coupons, grocers may not accept loose (detached from book) $5 food stamps.   They may, however, continue to accept loose 50-cent coupons.


100 Years Ago  


“ Community Xmas tree erected yesterday, fund still short”  

The erection of the Community Christmas tree in the fountain basin of Memorial Square was accomplished yesterday under the supervision of members of the Lockwood Bachelor Club, who are undertaking to raise the necessary funds to place the tree and make it blaze forth during the Christmas holiday period. 

Up until last evening the Bachelor Club canvassers had secured approximately $120.  The amount estimated as necessary for the placing of the big tree and its illumination is $200. 


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