Looking Back: Franklin County’s history December 24th

Franklin County’s history

Take a look back at Franklin County’s history through news and photos that appeared in local newspapers 25, 50, and 100 years ago on December 24th.

25 Years Ago 

December24, 1995Sunday

“This Mc-lunch was worth $50,000!” 

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County's history December 24th
Ronald McDonald greets Mike Burkhard, his wife and their children at the restaurant on Lincoln Way.

It was Dec. 13 during a typical lunch hour.   

Mike Burkhard, president of Conduit Technologies Corp., doodled at his desk and talked on the phone as he finished up his McDonald’s value meal.  

He slurped the last of his medium Sprite and was about to pitch the plastic cup, when for no reason except maybe boredom he peeled back the Monopoly Game piece sticker. Instant Winner.  

“I never play these games,” said Burkhard, a week later still dazed at his luck. “It’s a good thing I didn’t throw the cup away.”  

His prize: A Dodge Viper worth more than $50,000 or the cash equivalent.  

The 46-year-old father of two children, ages 9 and 8, took the cash.  

“My son wanted the Viper,” Burkhard said. “He’s pretty disappointed in his dad right now.”  

But the Burkhards plan to put the money aside for their children’s college fund.  

“We’re thrilled for Mike and happy to offer our customers the opportunity to win big prizes during this promotion,” said Steve Delamater, owner of the McDonald’s restaurant at 1075 Lincoln Way East.  

McDonald’s Monopoly Game, based on the Parker Brothers’ game, offers more than 100 million prizes nationwide. 

The prizes can be won instantly or by collecting property pieces of the same color group as in the original Parker Brothers game.   

McDonalds expects to distribute about half a billion game pieces valued at more than $100 million.  

People can play the Monopoly Game at McDonald’s through Dec. 28 or until supplies last. But even after winning such a coveted prize, Burkhard finds it difficult to remember to play the game.  

“I’m not in the habit of looking at the pieces,” he said.  Just Thursday he threw out a cup without peeling back the sticker.  

“I can’t believe it happened once,” he said.  “What are the odds of it happening twice?” 

50 Years Ago   

December 24,1970Friday

Christmas Advertising Images from 1970” 

County's history December 24th
County's history December 24th
County's history December 24th
County's history December 24th

100 Years Ago  


Franklin Building Leads With 9,539; High School Disposed of 3,025 



County's history December 24th

A total of 41,560 Red Cross Christmas seals was sold during the past few weeks by the children of the public schools of Chambersburg, according to a report made last evening by the committee in charge of the seal sale. The Franklin building children sold 9,539 seals, but in that building are nine grades, while only four grades in the Fourth street building that sold 6,500 of the seals.  

The details are as follows: 

High Schools – $30.25 

Junior High – $28.33 

King Street:  Miss Mc Keehen, $9.00; Miss Seibert, $10.00;  Miss Enmisnger, $13.50- Total – $32.50 

Stevens:   Mr. Overcash, $1.30; Miss Sheets. $6.80; Mrs. Rowland,: $5.60;  Miller, $3.03;  Miss Boyer, $5.25;  Miss McElroy. $7.00; Miss Hege,  S4.00; Miss Helman, $9.00; Miss Winters, $10.00; Miss Miller, $2.40; Miss Bessor. $2.25; total, $56.63.  

Fourth street: Miss Schaff, $32.38; Miss Overcash, $13.25; Miss Forbes, $10.37; Mrs. Long, $9.00; .total, $65.00. 

Broad street: Miss Cameron, $20.26; Miss Ruby. $8.27; Mrs. Barbour, $3.50;  Miss Shryock,-$10.25; total, $42.28.  

Washington street: Mr. Zumbro, $14.17: Miss Kyle, $11.77;  Miss  Powell, $6.00; Miss Fogelsanger, $10.00; Miss Mummert, $5.66; Miss Burgner, $3.25 Miss Gillan, $2.00; total,  $52.83.  

Franklin street: Miss Drawbaugh, $5.86; Mrs. Clem, $23.40; Miss Freidingler,  $24.07; Miss Disert, $15.15; Miss Tritle, $5.25; Miss Gains, $9.20; Miss Atherton, $3.88; Miss Kauffman, $3.58; Mrs. McCoy, $5.00; total, $95.39.  

Reservoir Hill: Mrs. Duffey,  $5.73; Mrs. Carson, $7.00, total, $12.73 


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