Looking Back: Franklin County’s history December 26th

Franklin County’s history

Take a look back at Franklin County’s history through news and photos that appeared in local newspapers 25, 50, and 100 years ago on December 26th.

25 Years Ago 

December26, 1995Tuesday

“Stores try to lure shoppers with post-holiday bargains” 

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Chambersburg – Shoppers who got fantastic bargains on Christmas presents are going back for even better prices today as retailers begin clearing out leftover holiday goods.   

Many stores were opening at 8 a.m., with plenty of “50 off” signs posted on sweaters, gloves, crystal vases and other merchandise that never made it under the Christmas tree.  

Newspapers that published Monday were filled with store ads announcing more bargains.   

The markdowns come on top of near-desperation price reductions retailers took to bring customers into the stores during what was a generally disappointing holiday season.  

The economy’s slow growth, continuing corporate cutbacks and Americans’ high debt levels made many consumers more cautious this season. “The uncertainty in the economy isn’t going to move stuff off the shelf,” said Bob Untracht, an industry analyst with Ernst & Young, an accounting and consulting firm.  

Shoppers put off purchases until late in the season, partly because there was a full weekend before Christmas, but also expecting prices to come down.  

Big retailers including Dayton Hudson Corp. and J.C. Penney Co. Inc. indicated the season would turn out to be a disappointment. But Sears, Roebuck and Co. and higher-end stores like Saks Fifth Avenue did well.  

Exactly how good or bad the season was will be known Jan. 4, when the big stores announce their sales figures for December.  

Retailers’ fortunes aren’t expected to improve much during the coming year.  

Consumers are unlikely to start spending freely, and retailers are also contending with a surplus of stores and malls. 

50 Years Ago

December 26,1970Saturday

“Ninth Graders Visit Area Vo-Tech School “ 

Chambersburg – Ninth grade students in Central and J. Frank Faust Junior High Schools toured facilities at the Franklin County Area Vocational-Technical School last week.  

The tours were part of a guidance-directed, orientation program to prepare students for their entry into senior high school.  

The ninth graders observed Vo-Tech facilities, discussed course content and job opportunities, and were oriented to possible course selections that would be available to them in the coming high school years.  

The junior high students were taken on tours by vocational-technical students, who explained course areas and acted as guides through the building.  Two students were chosen from each subject area of Vo-Tech to act as guides for the touring groups.  Ninth graders were divided into small groups and taken to various course areas, rotating until they had been conducted into all the areas offered by the Vo-Tech school.  

The tours were under the combined direction of Faust and Central counseling staffs and the counselor of the area Vo-Tech school. 

100 Years Ago  



Chambersburg – Members of the Junior Civic Club obtained real enjoyment out of their Christmas celebration on Christmas morning when more than 100 homes of worthy poor of Chambersburg were visited and toys and candies distributed to expectant children.  

From the fund, collected by dances and private contributions, the club purchased a number of toys, a quantity of candy, fruits and nuts. This was packed into 150 small bundles and distributed among eight or ten members of the club.  Assigned districts were covered and the female .Santa Clauses left In their way a trail of smiling faces and joyful hearts and filled many home with Christmas spirit and Joy which otherwise would have been destitute of all seasonable activities.  

The club members assigned to the central section of town were accompanied by a Santa Claus In full costume, on whose skirts trailed crowds of shouting children.” 


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