Looking Back: Franklin County’s history December 5th

Franklin County’s history

Take a look back at Franklin County’s history through news and photos that appeared in local newspapers 25, 50, and 100 years ago onDecember 5th.

25 Years Ago

December5, 1995–Tuesday

“The birds are gone for now – but forever?”

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Starlings are getting blasted out of downtown Greencastle and the chemical treatment in Chambersburg.

Both strategies seem to be working.

Greencastle has turned a “gun” on the pesky birds, which have been roosting in trees on Center Square and surroundingstreets for several weeks.Their squawking is heard blocks away and their droppings have plastered sidewalks and vehicles.

Chambersburg has had the same problem with the birds, which move into downtown areas at night for warmth and protection.

An orchard gun which doesn’t use ammunition was shot four nights last week in Greencastle.

It sounds like a shotgun, which disturbs the birds so they won’t roost in the trees.

Ralph Tracey , a Greencastleochardist, used his gun.

It was his suggestion. “It seems to be effective,” Borough Manager Ken Myers said. “There are still a few left, but not like there was.” ‘ .

Barely a peep was heard Monday night. People walking downtown saw fairly clean sidewalks.

“It’s nice and quiet,” resident Barbara Morris said.

Wednesday, J.C. Ehrlich Co. will look at the downtown area.

The Reading company fogs a nontoxic, grape-flavored chemical into trees to get rid of the birds.

The chemical isn’t harmful to birds or humans. The birds ingest the chemical, though, and that encourages them to relocate.

WillPananes, owner of Olympia Ice Cream Parlor, said theOlympia treatment seems to have chased the birds away.

Chambersburg had been considering the noise strategy used in Greencastle.

“Last night while we we’re putting up the Christmas lights, I think we saw two little birds chirping down at us that was all,”Pananessaid.

Ehrlich has fogged the Bradford pear trees in downtown Chambersburg several times.

50 Years Ago



Printing of a seven-volume collector’s edition of books written by Harry E. Foreman, 222 High St., Chambersburg historian, will get underway Jan. 2, it has been announced.

In addition to the six former Foreman works, the seventh is a’ new one, “Tuscarora Tales andKittochtinnyPapers 1971.”

To ensure collector’s status, each set will be numbered, and a special pre-publication price has been set for the first 200 sets ordered until Dec. 31. Thereafter, the collection will be offered for sale to the general public at an increased price.

When the 500 sets have been sold, no more will be published for at least 23 years because of a signed agreement between Harry Foreman, author and copyright owner, and The Kerr Printing Co. of Chambersburg, publisher and printer.

Included in the set are: “ConodoguinetSecrets 1930,” “North Mountain Shadows 1952,” “Forbes Road; Parnell’s Knob to , Burnt Cabins, 1954; ” “History ‘ of the Little . Cove, 1967;” “ConococheagueHeadwaters ofAmbersonValley,” 1968; “Fort Loudon Sidelights,” 1970, plus the newest volume, “Tuscarora Tales andKittochtinnyPapers,” 1971.

The first five mentioned are out of circulation and no longer available.

The collection of history of south central Pennsylvania is being offered only in a set.The original text, illustrations, maps and other material remain unchanged from the first edition.However, covers have been redesigned in leatherette and the size varies from the first books in order to protect collector’s status of the original books.In addition, ”ConodoguinetSecrets” has been revised and updated with new material.

While printing is scheduled to get underway Jan. 2, delivery is expected in July.

Foreman has been described as a “chronicler of local history, his books noted for their authenticity and ease of reading.”

100Years Ago


Chambersburg– “C.M. S. VICTORS

Last evening In the high school gymnasium the Chambersburg High Schoolbaketballteam swamped the Frederick five by the score of 4 3 to 13.The teamwork of the locals was remarkably good.


Field goals: C.H.S.Barbour 7, Dunford 7, Reefer 4. Hartzell 1,Frederick,Roelke3, Hendricks 2,Elsworthy 1.

Fouls:Barbour two out offive,Roelkeone out offive.


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