Looking Back: Franklin County’s history December 7th

Franklin County’s history

Take a look back at Franklin County’s history through news and photos that appeared in local newspapers 25, 50, and 100 years ago on December 7th.

25 Years Ago 

December7, 1995Wednesday

“Commissioners Come To The Aid Of Libraries” 

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Libraries in Franklin County will come out ahead as a result of a change made by Franklin County Commissioners this week.   

Commissioners Doug Niemond, Cheryl Plummer and Sam Worley decided to boost the county library tax from 1 to 1 ½  mills.  

The change should put libraries on more solid  footing in the long term.  In addition to the l mill Library tax, libraries received about $88,000 from the general fund.  That $88,000 will be replaced by the increase in the tax, which means that as county assessments change, so will the amount of money the library system gets.  

And because assessments usually go up, that’ll mean more money will be used for the very necessary services that libraries provide. Libraries are a center of learning and people can’t get too much education.  

Initially, the change in the tax structure will bring in an additional $24,000 to $35,000.  “We’re very, very pleased.  

This will be very helpful to us,” said Carl Heidenblad, director of the Concocheague District Library.  

In recent years, libraries have had to watch every penny, with cutbacks in book purchases and some other services. Library operators will still have to be frugal and spend money wisely, but they shouldn’t have to worry about day-to-day survival.  

The commissioners just made a very important commitment to the library system, which will benefit residents of the community. 

50 Years Ago   


“Plan Restoration” 

County's history
Mennonites of the area, descendants of Bishop Hans Herr, will meet at 7:30 this evening in Maugansville, Md., Community Center to discuss restoration of this building in Willow Street, believed to be their first meeting place in Pennsylvania. The above is a painting of the structure by Andrew Wyeth, famous artist.

100 Years Ago  



Chambersburg – An organizational meeting  was of the schoolboard was held last night.   All members were present except J. Miller.  E. S. Hoke was elected pr An organization meeting of dent and H. Q. Wolf, vice president.    

It was decided to close the school for the Christmas holidays the evenlng of December 23. on reopen them on them on Monday January 3rd


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