Looking Back: Franklin County’s history February 28th

Franklin County’s history

Take a look back at Franklin County’s history through news and photos that appeared in local newspapers 25, 50, and 100 years ago on February 28th.

25 Years Ago

Feb28, 1996 –Wednesday

“Pressure’s on makers of pants “ 

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Chambersburg – Workers in the Plaid Clothing Group pants shop are putting in overtime, while the company’s J. Schoeneman Inc. coat shop is gearing down.   

Pants assemblers at 400 E. Mc-Kinley St. will be making extra money until the company’s contract for spring fashions is filled.  

Then things will be back to normal:  

  • The coat shop is to close by March 30.  
  • The pants shop will stay open with 130 to 200 employees. 

 But now under pressure to fill orders for pants, Plaid has:  

  • Called on pants assemblers to work overtime.  
  • Transferred some workers from the coat operation to the pants shop.  
  • Contracted a small amount of work to Franklin Clothing, formerly Grief Co. in Shippensburg.  

“What we don’t get out in March and early April, we have to eat,” Jerry Shields, Schoeneman vice president of manufacturing.  “We have to get these dates or we’re going to lose orders.”  

Plaid’s workers have been going seven days a week for the past two weeks to produce 10,000 pairs of pants a week, about 25 more than average.  

Under bankruptcy protection, Plaid’s plan to refinance its debt includes closing the Schoeneman division a factory at State Line and most of the Chambersburg plant.  Together they employed 1,100 people.  

After announcing it was closing everything, Plaid later said the pants shop would stay open in Chambersburg. 

“People at Schoeneman have been known for their quality, efficiency and productivity, and that’s what’s keeping it going,” said Carmen Papale, regional manager of the Amalgamated Clothing and Textile Workers Union.   

Because of the bankruptcy, suppliers of piece goods required cash from Plaid before delivery.  

Deliveries to Chambersburg pants plant were delayed. Workers without work were sent home, and work fell behind.  

The delivery delays prompted company officials in December to postpone closing the plant by about a month. 

50 Years Ago

Feb28,1971 –Sunday

“What Do I Do Now? “ 

County's history February 28th

Drivers approaching East King Street, Shippensburg, from the Walnut Bottom Road have a big decision to make either keep to the right as the sign indicates, or disregard the sign but stop if driving straight ahead. 

It could be confusing for out-of-town or out-of-state drivers. 

100 Years Ago  

Feb28,1921 –Monday

“Bachelors won’t hold fair for baseball“ 

Because a suitable room could not be found by it in which to hold a baseball fair, the Lockwood Bachelor J Club has rescinded its action, taken at a previous meeting, to hold a fair for the benefit of the baseball fund.  

Instead an automobile will be chanced off by the club, the proceeds to be given to the fund. 


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