Looking Back: Franklin County’s history January 10th

Franklin County’s history

Take a look back at Franklin County’s history through news and photos that appeared in local newspapers 25, 50, and 100 years ago on January 10th.

25 Years Ago 

January10, 1996Wednesday

“How Much Snow Is It? ” 

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County's history January 10th

Franklin County got an average of 33  inches of snow Sunday and Monday.   

On average, 10 inches of snow equals an inch of rain, but lower temperatures make snow drier.   

Weather observer David Bender said Chambersburg’s 25 inches of snow equaled 2.3 inches of rain.  

One scoop of snow on a shovel can weigh 7 pounds. 

In the Northeast, the average shoveler had to move an estimated 16 tons of snow to clear a 20-by-80-foot driveway.   With 30 inches of snow, that shoveler moved 4,000 cubic feet of the stuff.  

About 20 million tons of snow fell in Philadelphia, 100 million tons in New York City. 

 Pennsylvania uses an average 550,000 tons of rock salt each winter on state roads.  By Monday, the state had used 450,000 tons. That does not include salt spread by local governments.  

At 30 degrees Fahrenheit, a pound of salt will melt 46 pounds of ice.  At 0 degrees, if will melt only 4 pounds of ice. 

50 Years Ago   


“Low Bids Show $1.6 Million As Cost of New County Jail” 

County's history January 10th

Chambersburg – Apparent low bids totaljail, ing $1,609,822 for construction of the new Franklin County Jail were opened Friday afternoon in Franklin County court.   A total of 40 bids were submitted to Franklin County Commissioners

Apparent low bidders were:

  • general construction, Reisinger Brothers, Carlisle, $964,000;
  • plumbing, G. R. Sponaugle, Harrisburg, $267,224;
  • heating, ventilating and air conditioning, Sponaugle, $208,300;
  • electrical, Edwin L. Heim, Harrisburg, $147,947;
  • food service, Equipment Services, Inc., Philadelphia, $22,351.  

However because of numerous alternatives in each category the bids will be reviewed by county solicitor and architects before awarding or rejecting them in 90  days. 

The new jail is slated to go under construction in the spring on the 200-acre Franklin Farms tract east of Chambersburg. 


100 Years Ago

January 10, 1921 – Monday

“480,000 school children inspected  

The division of school health, state department of health reports the medical inspection of ninety-five percent of the schools in the fourth class school districts of Pennsylvania and approximately 480,000 school children to January 1.  

This Is the first time in the history of school medical Inspection that inspectors of the department had so nearly completed the work by the end of the year.  It is planned to make inspections of the remainder of the schools within the present month. 

The medical Inspectors watch particularly for unclean or decayed teeth, malnutrition, tonsil and adenoid conditions, defective hearing and vision in addition to examining the general health of the child.  

Teachers in the fourth class districts are required at the end of the school term to report failure on the part of parents to correct defects. 


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