Looking Back: Franklin County’s history January 15th

Franklin County’s history

Take a look back at Franklin County’s history through news and photos that appeared in local newspapers 25, 50, and 100 years ago on January 15th.

25Years Ago

January15, 1996Monday

“After 35 years, Christian Country Station leaves the air “

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WSHP 1480 AM apparently will stay quiet as it has been for two weeks.

The small contemporary country Christian radio station left the airwaves Dec. 31, almost 35 years after it began.

Robert and Diane Yeats of Pittsburgh, who own the station, refused to comment about the closing.

Diane’s father, Arthur K. Greiner, had owned it before passing away last January.

In addition to WSHP, Greiner started WVFC, “the Voice of Fulton County,” in 1975. The station wasthefirst in Fulton County.

The McConnellsburg radio station still operates.

WSHP, a Shippensburg station, employed seven people during its peak years.

“A station that’s been on the air that long, it’s kind of a surprise,” said Nancy Goshorn,aemployee for 23 years.

Goshorn, who lives in Newburg, and three other employees were informed of the closing the day the station went off the air.

Diane Yeats “was trying to keep it going,”Goshornsaid.

It’s unknown what will happen to the station’s office, 891 E. King St. TheYeatsesown the building.

50 Years Ago


“PTA to Pay for Ball Practice in Marion ”

A meeting of Marion Parent-Teacher Association was held in the school Monday evening, with the president, Mrs. Shirley Baker, presiding.Devotionswerein charge of Mrs. Anna Maelie. Mrs. Rachel O’Donnell’s First grade room received the award for having the most parents in attendance.

A motion was made and carried that the PTA would pay practice expenses at Chambersburg YMCA for boys on the school’s basketball team who are non-members of the Y.It also was voted to make a contribution to Founder’s Day.

The program was presented byTpr. RobertWollyung, of the Chambersburg substation of the Pennsylvania state police, who spoke and showed a film on “Child Molesting.”A question and answer period followed.

The next meeting of the group is scheduled for March 8. 

100Years Ago

January 15, 1921 – Saturday 

“Chorine in the Waynesboro water can’t be tasted”

In referring to the water meeting here tonight the Waynesboro Press last evening says:

“Public Opinion pooh-poohs the legal battery engaged for the oratorical offensive and claims that the learned barristers can throw no light on the pivotal question whether the water should be chemically treated, that being a medical question altogether out of their line.“

“We have about the same situation here. There are no sources of pollution in the water shed except those occasioned by hunters or woodchoppers, and yet we must at great expense treat the water with chlorine.Fortunately this has been so restricted in recent months as not to affecteither the tasteorquality of the water.What we need most here la a large storage dam to hold enough water to tide us over in times of freshet.This would avoid the muddy use, and which is the only defect in our mountain system.”


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