Looking Back: Franklin County’s history January 1st

Franklin County’s history

Take a look back at Franklin County’s history through news and photos that appeared in local newspapers 25, 50, and 100 years ago on January 1st.

25 Years Ago 

January1, 1996Sunday

“1996 will have a soggy start” 

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Franklin County residents will greet the New Year with noise makers, glittering hats and umbrellas.   

And perhaps later in the week, with snow shovels.   

Rain is expected throughout today, with the high in the 30s. The day will mostly be cloudy.  

Rain or freezing rain is likely tonight after midnight, said Brett Christoe, meteorologist with the National Weather Service, State College. The low will be near 30 degrees.  

“We’re watching one system that will determine Monday’s weather and another one that will probably bring freezing rain for Tuesday morning rush hour,” he said.  

“There’s no break. One system follows the other.”  

The remainder of Tuesday will see rain, with the high in the mid-to-upper 30s.  

Snow could re-enter the picture by the end of the week.  

“Another system heading our way is set up for snow. It’s a stormy situation,” Christoe said.  “If it comes inland with a good push of cold air, we’ll see snow.  If it goes out on the ocean, we won’t.” 

50 Years Ago   


“Happy New Year” – (taken from the News-Press Newspaper in Ft Meyers, Florida) 

Pam and Barbara Slavis and Martha Day were scheduled to arrive home last night from a week’s stay in Chambersburg, Pa., with Pam and Barbara’s aunt and uncle, the John Sharpes.  

The gals sent word home that they’d had a ball skiing, ice skating and playing in the snow.  For Martha and Barbara, seeing falling snow was a first.  

Martha is the daughter of Alice and Albert Day and the Slavis sisters are daughters of Claire and Tony Slavis. 

100 Years Ago  



A course in citizenship, open to all the women of Chambersburg, will be given under the auspices of the civic club during the latter part of January and February.  Membership in the club is not necessary to enrollment for the course.  

The class will study national, state and local governments, political parties, election laws, rights of citizens, etc. The lectures will be presented by Judge Gillian and members of the Franklin county bar.  There will be no fee but a small text book costing twenty-five cents will be required by each member.  

Women wishing to enroll should notify Mrs. Walter K. Sharpe or Mrs. J. K. Kempter by January 8. 


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