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Take a look back at Franklin County’s history through news and photos that appeared in local newspapers 25, 50, and 100 years ago on June 27th.

25 Years Ago

June 27, 1995  Tuesday

“Leave Jesse James body alone”

Everybody loves a mystery, but perhaps some should remain unsolved even if the mystery involves a historic figure. 

Armed with advances in technology, some are resorting to historical grave robbing in efforts to prove or disprove various theories about famous people of the past. 

A few years ago, former President Zachary Taylor was dug up in hopes of proving he was poisoned. He wasn’t. 

Some want to exhume the body of John Wilkes Booth, to see if he was the man executed after President Lincoln’s assassination. 

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Now a team of scientists wants to unearth notorious bank robber Jesse James to see if he was the man killed on April 3, 1822. 

“DNA tests could solve once and for all the question of whether Jesse James was killed in St. Joseph,” said James E. Starrs, professor of law and forensic sciences at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. 

Starrs and the other scientists will ask a judge to approve James exhumation. 

There may be times when exhuming a body is valid. For example, new technology may help free someone who is in prison for a crime he or she didn’t commit. Likewise, it can help convict someone apprehended after a body is buried. 

Unearthing bodies from the distant past, however, serves no useful purpose other than to satisfy someone’s curiosity. And, as we know from all the conspiracy theorists out there, new evidence isn’t enough to convince many people anyway. 

There’s a reason why people say “Rest in Peace” when someone dies. Even the notorious should be able to do that.

***** Article taken from the ‘Public Opinion’s Editorial Page on this date****

50 Years Ago

June 27, 1970 – Sunday

“Turkey Calling Contest Slated”

The sixth annual Pennsylvania State Turkey Calling Contest will be held Saturday, August 22, beginning at 11 a. m., at the Franklin County Fairground near Chambers-burg. 

The contest is sponsored by the Franklin County Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs and sanctioned by the Pennsylvania Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs. The 1970 contest will be conducted by the Pennsylvania Game Commission. 

Interest in the art of calling wild turkeys has picked up considerably in Pennsylvania since the game commission established a spring gobbler season in 1968. During the spring season, hunting is by calling only. 

Separate competitions will be held for resident and out-of-state callers. 

The site of the contest is about seven miles southwest of Chambersburg on Route 995 near Williamson.

100 Years Ago

June 27, 1920  Saturday

“Apple and Peach Crop Much Better Than ’19”

Pennsylvania’s, commercial apple crop for 1920 will be sixty per cent greater than the 1919 crop, while the commercial peach crop will exceed the crop of 1919 by forty per cent, according to an announcement today by Secretary Fred Rasmussen of the Pennsylvania department of agriculture. 

More favorable weather conditions and closer attention to spraying details are given by Secretary Rasmussen as the reason for the excellent outlook for fruit. 

A special report on the condition of the apple and peach orchards of the state was secured during the past several weeks by the bureau of statistics,Pennsylvania department of agriculture. Reports were secured from 454 commercial apple growers, scattered throughout the and from 250 commercial peach growers covering every phase of the fruit industry.

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