Looking Back: Franklin County’s history March 2nd

Franklin County’s history

Take a look back at Franklin County’s history through news and photos that appeared in local newspapers 25, 50, and 100 years ago on March 2nd.

25 Years Ago 

March2, 1996 –Saturday

“Local waters to host sick trout “ 

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State fish managers plan to stock 10 Maryland ponds and streams with trout infected with whirling disease, a contagious ailment fatal to some trout species, officials said Friday.  

The infected fish will be placed only in waters that, sustain no wild trout, minimizing the chance of spreading the disease, according to Bob Lunsford, director of freshwater fisheries for the Maryland Department of Natural Resources.  

Whirling disease is not a threat to humans.  It is caused by a parasite that attacks cartilage in the heads of young fish, affecting balance and causing tail-chasing behavior that leaves them unable to feed and susceptible to predators.  

Rainbow trout are most susceptible to the disease, which already infects fish in at least 20 other states.  Brook trout are not as susceptible as rainbows and brown trout are virtually immune, Lunsford said.  

The stocking sites are all ponds without outlets to streams with wild trout. 

 The waters slated for stocking with infected fish are: Battie Mixon Pond, Dan’s Mountain Pond, Evitts Creek Community Pond, Orchard Pond, White Sui fur Pond, Fifteen Mile Creek, Flintstone Creek, Jennings Run, North Jennings Run and Wills.

50 Years Ago 

March2,1971 –Tuesday

“Schools Get Easter Seal Coin Cans “ 

More than 400 coin receptacles have been distributed by Easter Seal Campaign workers of the Franklin County Society for Crippled Children and Adults to schools in five different school districts. This distribution was made in preparation for the School Appeal phase of the overall Easter Seal Campaign for funds to start today, according to Richard C. Hoff, general campaign chairman.  

Distributed to the schools of the Chambersburg Area School District were 200 containers, distributed by Mrs. William Ellis.  Sonic 125 canisters were distributed to the Greencastle-Antrim and Tuscarora District Schools by Mrs. Harold Leckron. The Fannett-Metal School District area schools received 45 cans from Mrs. Carolyn McCartney. Distributing 30 containers in the Guilford-Scotland School District area schools was Mrs. Mark Carl, while Mrs. Earl Rice delivered 10 cans to the Hamilton School District schools.   

Last year, the School Appeal netted the campaign fund $707.88. 

100 Years Ago  

March2,1921 –Wednesday


School children of Chambersburg yesterday contributed $42.44 towards the relief funds for the Near East, Central Europe and China.

Other contributions received yesterday were:  Mrs. M. E. Rozelle, captain, first ward, $5;  Mrs. D. N. Mlnick, captain, fourth ward, $6;  M. B. Hill of Williamson, G;  Church Helpers class, Presbyterian Sunday school, $10;  Central Presbyterian Church, 10.  No further announcement of amounts received will be made until Monday. 


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