Looking Back: Franklin County’s history March 6th

Franklin County’s history

Take a look back at Franklin County’s history through news and photos that appeared in local newspapers 25, 50, and 100 years ago on March 6th.

25 Years Ago 

March6, 1996 –Wednesday

“Bulky items won’t be hauled away for free” 

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It will cost Shippensburg residents to junk their old sofas, refrigerators and mattresses during this year’s Cleanup Week.  

Borough Council voted this week to charge $10 to $20 for collecting bulky items.  The service had been free. 

Cleanup Week, April 22 to 26, is an annual chance for borough residents to put unwanted big items on the curb for borough workers to haul away.   

Borough officials decided to charge for the service to discourage residents of neighboring townships from depositing their junk in the borough.  

“We were becoming a dumping ground,” said W. Edward Goodhart, a council member.    

Cleanup Week, which usually occurs in early June, was moved up so it didn’t coincide with the end of the school year at Shippensburg University.  

Last year’s collection cost the borough $7,700. Officials hope to break even this year.  

A $15 fee will be charged for stuffed chairs and sofas, mattresses, box springs, washers, dryers, dishwashers, water heaters, riding lawn mowers and air conditioners.   

Refrigerators and freezers with the doors removed will be picked up for $20.  Vehicle batteries will cost $10, while tires and other items will be collected for free.  

Hazardous chemicals, oil, antifreeze and paint will not be collected. 

50 Years Ago 

March6,1971 –Wednesday

“Vandals Active In Shippensburg” 

Shippensburg – Several thousand dollars in damages to doors and machine mechanisms were inflicted by vandals who entered Keefer Hall on the campus of Shippensburg State College last night or early this morning.

College grounds personnel discovered the incident around 9 this morning.  Entry was made through forced doors.  Cigarette, candy, potato chip, ice cream, and soft drink machines were tampered with, however the money had been removed earlier in the day.  

Central school on Prince Street also was entered sometime later last night or early this morning through an office window which had been broken.  Discovery was made by Howard Sheeler, a custodian of the school, also around 9 a.m.  

The pencil machine and a milk machine had been tampered with and, like the college incident, did not contain money since they had also been emptied earlier.  Both will need repairs. Both incidents are under investigation. 

100 Years Ago  

March6,1921 –Sunday

“Bronze Tablet for Court House Here Delayed By Strike” 

Public Opinion has Just received the following from the John Polachek Bronze & Iron Company:  

“We herewith submit for your approval, imprint or rubbing of the model prepared for the bronze tablet we are executing in accordance with! your order.  Work on this tablet has been unfortunately delayed somewhat, on account of a general strike and lock out of the bronze and iron workers in this city.  Our difficulties have not as yet been settled but we have been able to do some work.   We hope that matters will be adjusted in the near future and that our men will return soon.”  

A letter was at once sent to the company, asking for the approximate date of completion of the job, as it is desired to set a date of the unveiling. 


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