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Take a look back at Franklin County’s history through news and photos that appeared in local newspapers 25, 50, and 100 years ago on May 22nd.

25 Years Ago

May 22, 1995  Monday

“Slide Slips Back Into Play”

Popular ride called ready for pool time

Franklin County’s history May 22
Sue Stahl places a lifeguard chair on its stand at Municipal Pool, near the refurbished water slide.

Chambersburg’s troubled water slide will return to action Saturday. 

Borough officials say they will have to wait and see if the Municipal Pool slide will survive the watery onslaught or become the lemon it was last year when potholes appeared on its surface. 

Borough councilmen and recreation department officials are wary about the future of their $49,000 investment. 

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The slide created a boom in swimming pool business last summer. But when parts of its laminated surface came off, creating holes the size of a half dollar and an eighth of an inch deep, the borough said it was defective and they wanted it replaced. 

Instead of replacing the 70-foot slide, the manufacturer, Miracle Recreation Equipment Co. of Monnette, Mo., agreed to repair the holes. 

“They’re saying that we’re not going to experience any more problems,” said Brian Kump, assistant superintendent for the recreation department. 

“They’re fairly confident that it’s not going to happen again.” 

If it happens again, the borough has made it clear it will demand a replacement. 

The slide, which was first used during Memorial Day weekend a year ago, came with a five-year warranty. The warranty allows for repairs of the slide, then replacement if the repairs fail. 

The slide’s laminated surface bubbled, cracked and broke away. Its surface is made of several layers, held where there was not enough resin holding the layers together.

Some of the holes that appeared were larger than a quarter and rough around the edges. The larger holes were concentrated near the top of the slide, where people sit before sliding down. 

Smaller holes, some the size of a pin head, were found on other parts of the slide. 

The chipping and cracking were first noticed in July as the pool staff waxed the slide. 

To repair the holes, Miracle Recreation ground them until they were smooth.Then, they filled them with something similar to automobile body putty, which is used to repair dents in cars.

50 Years Ago

May 22, 1970 – Friday

“Good For Rainy Day”

Franklin County’s history May 22
Mothers should take a tip from this action. An oversized set of checkers occupies Dennis High and Billy Mickey during a free period in the First grade class of Mrs. Jeaneva Hixon at Scotland Elementary School. Jeff Hoffman is the interested game “coach.”

100 Years Ago

May 22, 1920   Saturday

“Famous Conventions”

How some of great political gatherings were “fixed” in advance by shrewd political bosses.

How the “dark horse” originated, and why, and who were winning dark horses; How Mark Hanna got the whole country’s political destiny into the hollow of his hand.

How Bryan swept a convention off its feet by a burst of silver-tongued oratory; 

How Roosevelt missed his guess that “Taft will carry out my policies.”

All these and more told in a ‘series of articles in Public Opinion. 

These pre-convention articles will be published exclusively in Chambersburg by Public Opinion.  

Monday you’ll find the first of Gilson Gardner’s stories in which he tells about the First Dark-Horse Convention, and of other winning Dark Horses. 

Remember this: Gardner, who has reported every convention since 1892, tells of actual, behind-the-scenes convention doings; how nominations really are made, not by the delegates but by a stronger political power, usually one man. 

He unveils the inner workings of political conventions, all the political machinery, starting long before convention day.

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