Looking Back: Franklin County’s history May 31st

Franklin County’s history

Take a look back at Franklin County’s history through news and photos that appeared in local newspapers 25, 50, and 100 years ago on May 31st.

25 Years Ago

May 31, 1996 – Friday

“Greencastle girl makes 4th round in national Bee”

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Beth Shindle, an eighth-grader at Greencastle-Antrim Middle School, was eliminated from the National Spelling Bee on Thursday when she misspelled “teratological.”  

Beth, 13, asked the pronouncer to repeat her fourth word of the contest, define it (the scientific study of biological malformations), give its origin (Greek); and use it in a sentence.

It was no help.

“T-E-R-R-A-T-A-L-O-G-I-C-A- L,” said Beth, only to hear the bell sound for an incorrect answer.  

“I’d never heard that word before,” said Beth, who was making her first and last appearance at the national finals.  

Ninth-graders are not eligible.  

Seemingly unfazed by her ouster, Beth explained her goal all along had been to make it to the fourth round. 

“I feel pretty great having made it to the second day (Thursday),” she said.  “I felt a lot more pressure yesterday (Wednesday), because I just wanted to get into the final rounds.”

Wednesday, Beth breezed through three rounds, spelling “avaricious” (greedy for riches), “dissemble” (disguise), and “minion” (a follower).

Another Middle Greencastle School pupil, Dresden Craig, a 12-year-old seventh-grader, made it past “illuminometer,” a photometer for measuring illumination, but slipped in the second round on “virulent,” extremely poisonous or deadly.

“I was praying for an easy word that I knew,” Dresden lamented at the time, but insisted.

“I’m not really disappointed at all.  I’m glad to have made it this far.”

To get to the national finals, Beth and Dresden won contests in their classes at school, and then in the Franklin County School District championship.

Out of 247 pupils in this year’s National Spelling Bee, 103 made it through the first three rounds Wednesday.

Beth was among 56 spellers eliminated in the contest’s fourth round Thursday.

“The words in the second day of the contest are noticeably harder,” said Larry Shindle, Beth’s dad, who along with her mother, Donna, and brother, Troy, 9, came to the competition to offer support.

Beth and Dresden will each receive a watch from Scripps Howard Inc., which sponsors the competition.  In addition, Dresden will get $50 for making it to the second round, and Beth will get $75 for making the fourth round.

50 Years Ago

May 31, 1971 – Monday

“TV TALK…..”

All in the Family’s Emmy winner JEAN STAPLETON and her husband WILLIAM PUTCH received a red carpet welcome when they returned to their home in Chambersburg, Pa., after attending the Emmy ceremonies.  

The Chamber of Commerce sent a private plane to take them from Baltimore to Chambersburg where a gala reception awaited.  And the local news paper was so sure Miss Stapleton would win the Emmy that the editors held the front page until the official word came in.

100 Years Ago

May 31, 1921- Tuesday


Waynesboro 2–Chambersburg 1; Waynesboro 7–Chambersburg 5; Hagerstown 11–Martinsburg 10;  Hagerstown 3–Martinsburg 2;  Hanover; 5–Frederick 1; – Frederick 8—Hanover 5


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