Looking Back: Franklin County’s history Nov 7th

County’s history Dec 4nd

Take a look back at Franklin County’s history through news and photos that appeared in local newspapers 25, 50, and 100 years ago on Nov 7th.

25 Years Ago

November 7, 1996 –  Thursday

“Remember the Holocaust”

The story of the Holocaust is one of the most disturbing in history.  Incredibly, some people still don’t believe that Nazi soldiers killed millions, mostly Jewish people, in the 1930s and 1940s.  

A survivor of the Holocaust will speak at James Buchanan High School in Mercersburg at 7 tonight.  Clara Isaacman’s story promises to be a compelling one.

Ralph Fink also will speak about his experiences as a liberator of the Dachau concentration camp.

Three cheers to teachers Martina Fegan and Sheree Jansen for organizing this educational forum.

Though survivors of the Holocaust are dwindling, their stories are a reminder that the horrors of the Holocaust must never happen again.

50 Years Ago

November 7,  1971 – Sunday

“Wilson to Seek $13 Million Fund”

county's history Nov 7th

Chambersburg – Establishment of a Second Century Fund, designed to raise $13 million over a ten-year period, was announced today by Dr. Charles C. Cole Jr., president of Wilson College.

“It is the largest, most ambitious fund-raising campaign ever attempted by the college,” Dr. Cole said.

“Through the Second Century Fund, we will seek additional funds for unrestricted endowment, operational uses, new educational programs and construction,” he added.

The major fund-raising program was announced at a breakfast meeting attended by students, alumnae, and members of the faculty and staff.  Also present were members of the Greater Chambersburg Chamber of Commerce, which helped sponsor the meeting.

Dr. Cole said that $514 million will be earmarked for the endowment fund and $3 million for current operations.

“In recent years,” he explained, “economic pressures have forced up our operating costs. We have had to respond by raising fees.”

“However, we cannot price ourselves out of the market, nor can we afford to draw our students from a narrow economic range.  This means that we must rely to an even greater extent on gifts, grants, bequests and endowment income to keep our tuition fees at reasonable levels and provide a variety of financial aid programs,” he said.

Additions to our endowment and operating funds also will be used for a variety of academic purposes including expanded lecture and concert schedules, library purchases, and scholarly endowment of the faculty, Dr. Cole said.

About $1 million is to be channeled into new educational programs.  Among possibilities are a self-scheduled program for adult women, experimental approaches to teaching, an audiovisual center, and an artist-in-residence series.

The remaining $314 million of the fund will be devoted to construction and renovation of physical facilities, including a creative arts center and improved gymnasium facilities.

“The campaign goals are realistic,” Dr. Cole said.  “The goals can and must be met if we are to continue to equip women for a more significant role in our society.”

100 Years Ago

November 7, 1921 Monday

“Waynesboro to enlarge ball field”

The Waynesboro baseball club will hold its annual meeting Nov. 14 when directors will be elected.  The directors will have work started to enlarge the field, the left field fence going back 50 feet and the right one 35 feet.  A new box office for the grand stand will be built at the stand.