Looking Back: Franklin County’s history November 30th

Franklin County’s history

Take a look back at Franklin County’s history through news and photos that appeared in local newspapers 25, 50, and 100 years ago on November 30th.

25 Years Ago 

November30, 1995Tuesday

“Firefighters want to buy an engine” 

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With three yellow fire engines in the shop, Chambersburg has drafted a 25-year-old red engine for temporary duty.   

Chambersburg Fire Department intends to buy the 1970 American pumper from Rescue Hose Company, Greencastle.  The red engine arrived Wednesday and is in the bay beside the borough’s yellow apparatus at headquarters station, 130 N. Second St.   

The asking price is $11,000; cheap compared to the $1,000 a week it costs to rent one.  

“Maybe we’ll be out a few bucks, maybe nothing,” said Eric Oyer, assistant borough manager.   

Borough Council will consider purchasing or leasing a fire engine at its meeting Wednesday.  

“There is enough fire apparatus, and we’ll be doing the job,” Emergency Services Chief Allen Baldwin said.   

The Greencastle engine replaces an engine borrowed off and on for more than a month from Franklin Fire Company.  Chambersburg has three  fire engines in various states of repair:  

  • $225,000 engine has been delivered, but needs minor adjustments before it is placed in service by the end of December. 
  • A second engine is getting $ 100,000 worth of repairs and upgrade.  Its body had rusted away from the chassis.  The motor powering the third fire engine has shown signs of bearing wear and is being taken apart.  

A fourth engine, now in service, is slated for refurbishing this summer. The department has no reserve engines.  

The Greencastle engine will be answering alarms by Friday, according to Baldwin. 

Chambersburg firefighters will replace the Greencastle name on the truck with letters spelling “Chambersburg” if it is purchased. 

50 Years Ago   


“Three County Aging Study Includes Area” 

Franklin County will participate in a three-county study on the problems of aging, according to an announcement by the United Community Services of York.  

York, Adams, and Franklin Counties will receive a $3,500 study grant from United Community Services so that social agencies, youth and interested citizens can compile a report to be submitted to Harrisburg for inclusion in a statewide study to be sent to the President’s White House Conference on Aging.  

The three-county study group, which has not been tried in this area previously, will be chaired by John Voerman, head of the Community Progress Council, United Community Services task force on aging. The study is slated to start in the beginning of December. 

100 Years Ago  


“Engineering Co. Store not closed; P. 0. imposed upon”  

Public Opinion yesterday stated that the co-operative store, conducted by employees of the Chambersburg Engineering Co., had closed its doors on Saturday night.  The story was published as the result of direct information given it by one, who has been intimately connected with the store for some time past.   

It developed, after Public Opinion appeared yesterday morning, that the store had not been shut down and that the misinformation given Public Opinion was a pure fabrication on the part of the imparter.  

The directors of the store yesterday informed this paper concerning the alleged shut down “that no such action has been -taken, discussed or even suggested; that the said store is doing more business and is in better financial condition now than at any time since it opened, and will continue to do business at the same location and under the same management, with a new storekeeper.”  

Robert McCune yesterday succeeded J. Milton Wallech as storekeeper. 


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