Franklin County’s history on July 19th

Franklin County’s history

Take a look back at Franklin County’s history through news and photos that appeared in local newspapers 25, 50, and 100 years ago on July 19th.

25 Years Ago


“Help is requested toexpand Shippensburg’s Memorial Park”

Shippensburg Borough Council is looking for an organization to take on a $15,000 fund-raising project.

If it could find one willing to run a campaign, the borough could end up with 21 acres of land worth $100,000 that could be added to Memorial Park.

To get a federal tax writeoff, Zane and Vicki Highlands haveoffered to donate four lots to the borough.Their plans to convert the property into condominiums fell through several years ago when the borough’s Planning and Zoning Commission said the area was a flood plain.

The property is adjacent to the park, behindPizza Hut.

The borough would need to pay off the only encumbrance on the land a $ 15,000 developer’s fee.

Forest Myers, borough solicitor, suggested the borough accept the land if a non-profit community group agreed to raise the money needed by Dec. 31.

Otherwise, the borough will turn down the donation.Council approved a resolution to take over the land on a 5-0 vote Tuesday night.

50 Years Ago

July19, 1970–Monday

“County doctors to meet in mountains”

The regular meeting of the Medical Societyof Franklin County; will be heldtomorrow at 3 p. m. at Blue Ridge Summit, the members and their wives being guests of Dr. and Mr. A. Barr Snively.Following the session of the

There will be a lunch and a social time.

The programincludes, a paper on “Medical Organization” by Dr. Theo. B. Apple of Lancaster, one on “Common Health Measures” by Dr. Fred L. Van Sickle of Harrisburg, executive secretary of theState society, while Dr. Charles Bagley of Baltimore will discuss “Study of Fractures In Civil and Military Practice.”

100 Years Ago

July19, 1920Monday

““C.V. Division is double track now for 74 miles”

With the establishment of the train order office and block station known as “NS Tower” east of Shlppensburg, and the opening of the double track between that tower and Oakvllle, the double track system is practically completed.

Orders issued last Thursday placed the new sections of track in service.

The only remaining stretch of single track on the division between Harrisburg and Hagerstown is through Shlppensburg.

While there is only a single track through Carlisle streets, freight traffic is diverted at a point, west of the town, which makes that place double tracked.

By the double, several sharp curves are eliminated, two of the worst ones being at Newville and at Brittons Woods, north of Shlppensburg.

The new system also provides seventy-tour miles of almost straight, double tracked right of way.

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