Franklin County’s history on July 7th

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Take a look back at Franklin County’s history through news and photos that appeared in local newspapers 25, 50, and 100 years ago on July 7th.

25 Years Ago​

July 7, 1995 – Friday


Chambersburg — Piece Goods Shops Corp. announced recently that it has filed a plan of reorganization and is ready to emerge from bankruptcy. The plan was proposed jointly by the company and its creditors committee.

Founded in 1935, Piece Goods Shops is a retail fabric, craft and home decorating chain headquartered in Winston-Salem, N.C. The chain has 206 stores in the Eastern United States, including one at Southgate Shopping Center in Chambersburg.

50 Years Ago

July 7, 1970 – Tuesday

“ First Bypass Paving Eases Scotland Ire”

Franklin County’s history
Scotland Bypass Gets First Strip of Asphalt Paving​

SCOTLAND – The area where the new bypass will intersect Route 997 at the east end of Scotland underwent a surfacing job Friday, after three months of dusty, dirty construction chaos.

Residents of the area who have suffered through the construction period, sometimes not so silently, still aren’t entirely convinced that the problems connected with the construction of the highway are alleviated, or ever will be.

Route 997 was torn out on both ends of town in April, and construction has proceeded at an agonizingly slow pace ever since, according to residents living in fee area. Unable to understand the minds of construction engineers, they claim to have suffered through a variety of inconveniences, including an excess of dust, mud and noise.

One resident, “Dutch” Burgner, is recuperating from a heart attack, and claims he has not had more than three hours’ sleep any night in the past three months.

The Burgners live in the midst of the construction area and say that traffic hitting the unsurfaced area of 997 at night makes an incredible amount of noise.

A service station in the construction area, just off Interstate 81, has been losing business steadily since April.

The big question in these people’s minds has been, “Why was construction begun on these areas, where the bypass will intersect the highway, so early? Why not finish the bypass and then tie into the highway?

According to sources on the site, it was a necessary measure, due to the fact that construction will begin on the Woodstock-Ragged Edge Road July 20, necessitating closing of the road and detouring of traffic into Scotland.

A source representing Goetz Construction Co. denied a deliberate procrastination on the part of the contraction crew, and said recent inclement weather caused the construction delays. Goetz holds the contract on both projects.

The bypass is due to be completed before Labor Day.

100 Years Ago

July 7, 1920 – Wednesday

“124 graduate in Red Cross course”

Chambersburg – The teaching center of the Red Cross instructions in home hygiene and care of the sick Is closed until September when the work will be resumed.

Already five classes have been organized for the fall term and all persons wishing to join are requested to send In their names to Mrs. J. K. Kempter as soon as possible. This applies to all parts of the county.

One hundred and twenty four certificates have been given to the person successfully passing the examinations the past term. All persons who did not receive their certificates are asked to call at the office of Dr. J. E. Kempter where the certificates can be obtained.