Franklin County’s history on June 23rd

Franklin County’s history

Take a look back at Franklin County’s history through news and photos that appeared in local newspapers 25, 50, and 100 years ago on June 23rd.

25 Years Ago

June 23, 1995 – Friday

“Scared Dog Returned Home”

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Hershey and her owner, Millie Arnold, were reunited this week after Hershey was spotted by some alert newspaper readers.

Franklin County’s history
Jason Malmont Hershey and her owner, Millie Arnold, were reunitedthis week after Hershey was spotted by some alert newspaperreaders.

All is sweet in the land of Hershey today. Hershey the dog, that is.

On Sunday night, Millie Arnold’s dog, Hershey, ran away after a hot- air balloon landed near their home near Marion.

“The sound of that balloon landing was like thunder,” Arnold said. “When Hershey heard the loud noise she got scared and bolted.”

For three days and nights, Arnold and many neighbors scoured the area looking for the runaway golden retriever. ​

“I remained optimistic,” Arnold said. “I never thought the worst and kept telling myself that any day, Hershey would come back.”

As hopes to find Hershey slowly melted, Arnold came to the Public Opinion for help. Wednesday’s newspaper reported the plight of Hershey and Arnold’s plea for help.

After reading that article, Jim and Vicki Marshall were riding home when they spotted a dog that matched Hershey’s description on a farm near Marion.

“I said, “That looks like the dog in the newspaper,” Vicki said. “We stopped our car and called ‘Hershey’ and the dog looked toward us.”

The Marshalls checked with the farmer, Ardell Martin, to see if the dog was his. Martin, who was plowing fields, said he noticed the dog but did not know where it came from.

Moments later, Martin and James Marshall got in a pickup truck to take Hershey home.

“When I saw those two guys pull up to the house with Hershey I couldn’t believe it,” Arnold said. “It was like I had been returned a lost child.”

Although Hershey had a slight limp and her coat was full of briars, she was glad to be home. Arnold said she was amazed at how her friends and neighbors came together to help look for Hershey.

“I can’t thank everyone enough,” Arnold said, “especially the Public Opinion for bringing attention to Hershey’s situation. That’s what ultimately found her.”

Hershey is going to be fine, according to Arnold. She has been getting lots of rest, water and food since returning home. Arnold also said she will guard Hershey more closely the next time a hot-air balloon is in the area.

When asked about where she went for those three hot days, Hershey just smiled.

50 Years Ago

June 23, 1970 – Tuesday

“Birds Beware!!!”​

Franklin County’s history
BIRDS BEWARE! Local farmer eans business.

100 Years Ago

June 23, 1920 – Wednesday

“ Stanley Corp. may build a theater here”

Real Estate-Agent H. B. McNulty’s office was notified yesterday that the contemplated deal would likely be closed with the Stanley Theater Corporation, of Philadelphia, whereby the corporation will acquire title to Hi Hotel Montgomery property, owned by J. A. Strite.

Representatives of the Stanley corporation have been negotiating for a site here since the Orpheum burned down. Tentative plans for the new theater call for the erection of the theater proper to the rear of the Hotel Montgomery office, the dining room and the site of the Star garage belng used for the purpose.

The garage at the present time is operated by Forney and Ensmlnger. The entrance to the theater will be through the hotel office, the Reeder billiard parlors and the American Stores Company remaining in their present locations.

Mr. Reeder will continue to manage the hotel, which will be converted into apartments. The dining room will be closed. Employees at the hotel have been notified of the impending deal so that they may procure work elsewhere.

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