Franklin County: Franklin County’s history Sept 13th

Franklin County’s history

Take a look back at Franklin County’s history through news and photos that appeared in local newspapers 25, 50, and 100 years ago on Sept 13th.

25 Years Ago

September 13, 1996 –  Friday

“Handshake History”

If you think anything when you shake hands, it’s probably along the lines of “Hi there.”

What you actually are saying, however, is this: “I won’t kill you, at least not with a weapon.”

That vestige of aggression is what’s going on when two men shake hands in a seemingly friendly way, but have a silent squeeze contest.

Handshaking goes far back into the dim mists of antiquity. Ancient Hebrews did it.  Greeks did it. Even Native Americans had a version with the right hand raised and open, to show peaceful intentions. (Think of any number of bad westerns with some Italian guy playing a chief who raises his hand and says “How.”)

Handshaking through history was a male thing, due to the weapons-search aspect.

When handshaking became the norm when greeting someone, those who wrote etiquette books said a man shook a woman’s hand only when she offered it.

It would have been outrageous to assume that the little lady might plunge a sword into your gizzard.

Today, however, with girls playing Little League baseball and women in positions of corporate and political power, everyone shakes hands, regardless of gender.

50 Years Ago

Sept 13, 1971 – Monday

“Marching Band Drills Without Markers”

Chambersburg – While marching bands usually use the five yard markers and third yard stripes of a football field to guide them in precision drill maneuvers at games, the Chambersburg Area Senior High School Marching Band had to “fake it” Saturday night at the Redskins game in Washington, D.C.  All the lines had been washed from the field during a cloudburst prior to the game.

Although downpours were encountered on the trip to the capital city and before start of the game, only a light mist fell during half-time, permitting the CASHS Band to present its show.

A capacity crowd was enthusiastic in applause for the nine and-a-half minutes of precision drill, the patriotic flag presentation and playing of theme song, “Hail to the Redskins”.

The local group left for Chambersburg following half- time.  Traveling by chartered buses, the bandsmen dined before the game at a restaurant near the stadium. The trip was sponsored by Chambersburg Area Senior High School Band Promotion Association, Inc.

Saturday, Oct. 9, at 7:30 is the date scheduled for the second annual Cavalcade of Bands.

100 Years Ago

September 13, 1921 – Tuesday

“Two Suits Entered In Cesspool Case At Greencastle”

A civil action in trespass was instituted yesterday against Harry A. Bitner, manager of the Interwoven mills, Greencastle, Harry A. Goetz, a contractor, and Howard McDonald and James Carpenter, employees of Goetz, all of Greencastle.  The plaintiff in the case Is David B. Cump of the same place.

The suit Is the outgrowth of a cesspool being sunk In a public alley in Greencastle for the Interwoven mills, for which the defendants say, permission was given by borough council.  Cump owns land on each side of the alley.

After Deputy Sheriff Huber had served the writs of capias in trespass on the four defendants, and they had given bail in the amount of $300, work on the cesspool was resumed and another action in trespass was entered.  This time the ball was set at $600.00 each which was furnished by H. W. Laughlin of Greencastle.


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