Franklin County’s history September 15th

Franklin County’s history
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Take a look back at Franklin County’s history through news and photos that appeared in local newspapers 25, 50, and 100 years ago on September 15th.

25 Years Ago 

Sept15, 1995Friday

“State Mourns the Death of a Great Environmentalist” 

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MONT ALTO — The death of Maurice K. Goddard saddens not only his family, friends and former students, but all Pennsylvanians who remember his tireless efforts to conserve the natural resources of the Keystone State.  

Dr. Goddard had close ties to the Cumberland Valley, having served as director of the Penn State Mont Alto forestry school for nearly a decade after returning from military service after World War II.  

He is credited with rebuilding the forestry school after the war. Former students remember him as a hands-on teacher who felled trees and fought forest fires with them.  He was affectionately called Gramps Goddard by his students.  

His strong belief that our natural resources must be preserved for future generations made him a conservationist and environmentalist long before it became fashionable to think “green.”  

It was his dream to have a park within 25 miles of every Pennsylvanian and under his leadership that dream became reality.  As former Gov. George M. Leader said Wednesday, “I shall never look at one of our state forests or at people enjoying one of our state parks without thinking of Dr. Maurice Goddard. 

” His accomplishments were many.  After rebuilding the forestry school at Mont Alto, he entered state government in 1955 and served in the environmental field under five governors.  He was the first secretary of the Department of Environmental Resources the early 1970s and, though officially retired, he was an adviser to Gov. Ridge when the department was divided into two agencies earlier this year.  

Dr. Goddard’s stewardship of Pennsylvania’s forests, lakes and streams will be remembered by generations to come.  

Penn State Mont Alto had considered a scholarship in the name of its former director for some time.  With his death, the idea was approved Thursday by Dr. Corrinne Caldwell, campus executive officer.  

It is called the Maurice K. and Ethel C. Goddard Scholarship and will be available to students enrolling in forestry at Mont Alto.   

50 YearsAgo50 Years Ago

Sept. 15 , 1970 – Tuesday 

Mr. & Mrs. Fred G. Ernst celebrate anniversary

Franklin County's history
Mr. and Mrs. Fred G. Ernest

Mr. and Mrs. Fred G. Ernst, R. R. 7, will observe their 57th wedding anniversary Wednesday.   

The owners of Cherry Lane Dairy Snack Bar, the Ernsts have one son, a pilot for Delta Air Lines, Capt. Mahlon J. Ernst, Hollywood, Fla., and a deceased daughter, Mrs. Grace Cudlipp.    

The Ernsts have two Grandsons, Fredrick L. Cudlipp, who resides with his grandparents, is a student at Gettysburg Lutheran Theological Seminary, and Charles Cudlipp, who is a student at Bob Jones University, Greenville.  

Mr. and Mrs. Ernst were married Sept. 16, 1913, on R. R. 4,  by John Burkholder.  Mrs. Ernst is the former Nancy Wadel, daughter of the late Joseph and Lizzy Wadel.  Her husband is a son of the late George and Martha Ernst. 

100 Years Ago 


“Hooper Named by Frederick Post for All-Star Team” 

The Frederick Post, following Its annual practice, has selected an All Star Team from the Blue Ridge League.  Hooper is the only Maroon given a position on the all-star organization, although Fuhrey and Staylor both received favorable mention for shortstop and catcher respectively.  The battle for shortstop was between Neptune, Frederick shortstop, and Mike, the former winding because of his hitting ability, according to the Post.  Staylor is  ranked next to Weeden as the best receiver in the league.  Mike Mowry is named manager.   

In telling of the various selections “Poss”, writing in the Post, says: “Eddie Hooper is the second baseman of the Post’s team.  Some of the sport writers around the circuit are against Hooper because he is a crab.  This cannot be held against a player, for he is picked for his ability as a ball player.  

“Bert Weeden of Hanover is picked as the catcher.  Every team in the league had good receivers.  Staylor of Chambersburg is the second choice with Fitzgerald of Waynesboro a close third.  

“Kolseth, of Waynesboro, has been selected for the initial position.  The choice lay between him, Neun, of Martlnsburg,  Stratton of Hagerstown. and Gosker of Frederick.   

“The choice between the third basemen lies between Ray Gardner of Frederick and Mike Mowrey of Hagerstown.  Mowrey is given the place over Gardner.  He is a better ball player.  Ray may be a comer and Mike may be fading, but the team is elected from the players of this year, and certainly Mowrey is a better man for third base.  Gardner has a good throwing arm, but Mowrey covers more territory around third.  Mike Is a better hitter and knows more baseball.  Mike is likewise picked as manager of the team.”  


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