Looking Back: Franklin County’s history September 29th

Franklin County’s history

Take a look back at Franklin County’s history through news and photos that appeared in local newspapers 25, 50, and 100 years ago on September 29th.

25 Years Ago 

September 29,1995Friday

“ Ambulance rates go up; club costs the same” 

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Chambersburg – The cost of riding in Chambersburg’s ambulance will increase $10 after Oct. 1.    

The Ambulance Subscription Service, or ambulance club, cost will remain $30 a year per household.  Members are not charged for transport in Chambersburg’s basic life support ambulances.  

The base rate for non-members in the area of Chambersburg and Greene, Guilford, Letterkenny, Hamilton and St. Thomas townships will increase to $275.  In 1991, when the basic rate was $50, Borough Council decided the service should be supported solely by users, not taxpayers. Thus began a series of rate hikes.  

In 1993, the borough was charging ambulance users $100 for a local run.  Actual cost: $253 per call. 

Borough Council, on recommendation from the Chambersburg Ambulance Advisory Committee, adjusts rates quarterly. 

50 Years Ago 


Greencastle – “Capsule Emplaced at Trinity Centennial” 

County's history September 29th
CEREMONY IN THE RAIN – The Rev. Willam Parker Neal (right), rector of Trinity Episcopal Church, holds an umbrella while the Rt. Rev. Dean T. Stevenson, bishop of the Harrisburg Diocese, places a capsule into the outside wall of Trinity church during centennial celebration Sunday morning

The Rt. Rev. Dean T. Stevenson, bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Harrisburg, officiated during ceremonies on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Trinity Episcopal Church, Sunday morning.  

A capsule containing various church documents, parish records and two letters to future congregation, was implanted in the outside wall of the church adjacent to the front door.  The letters, one by Bishop Stevenson, the other by Rev. William Parker Neal, rector of Trinity, are to be read to the congregation Sept. 30, 2070, when the capsule is to be removed during the church’s second centennial celebration.  

A bronze plaque, marking the location of the capsule will be attached soon.  It will carry the following inscription: “Trinity Episcopal Church, 1870 Centennial 1970, commemorating 100 years of service to God and his people. The capsule contained herein is to be opened Sept. 30, 2070.”  

Preceding the capsule emplacement Trinity congregation gathered for a Holy Communion worship service.  Bishop Stevenson delivered the sermon, urging local Episcopalians to continue the work of the church which began here when the building was first erected 100 years ago.  

A covered dish dinner in the parish house concluded the ceremonies. 

100 Years Ago 

September29, 1920Tuesday

 “County triplets do the usual – reach maturity” 

Recently two physicians connected with St. Agnes Hospital in Philadelphia made the assertion that no triplets live to be ten years old.  They investigated and learned that in most cases one of the three children dies before becoming one year old.  They offered a prize for any triplets over 10 years old, who would present themselves at the hospital.  None came, despite wide publicity in Philadelphia papers.  

Yesterday, D. C. Weller of Carlisle wrote, to the North American as follows:  

“Some thirty-five years ago, near Monterey, Franklin County, Pa., a set of triplets was born to a family by the name of Tracy.  A remarkable feature of the case was that the  mother had but one arm. They were three little girls as perfect and healthy any could be.  During their early childhood their parents were accustomed to take them on picnics and other gatherings far and near, where people might have the pleasure of seeing them, hence thousands can testify to the fact of their being triplets, as also can the inhabitants of Monterey and vicinity, where  they all grew up into womanhood.  Two of them are married and living in Waynesboro. One of them is a Mrs. Mc Kelvy, and a third is living with her husband near Monterey, as far as I know.”  


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