Letter to the Editor: From optimism to losing faith


Dr. Betts & CASD School Board Members,

I was so optimistic that we were going to have positive changes in this district when you were hired, Dr. Betts. I was so excited to hear what you had to say sitting at our table, eating food we had prepared for you. I told everyone I was cautiously optimistic about the things that you said.

You sat there and told us how important Cathy (Dusman) and Mark (Long) were to the success of this district. You said things of the past were gone and would not be repeated. Wasteful spending was going to stop, you said. Education and the kids were your top priority, you said. You said if you could not make changes for the better you would resign.

My question is: What changed?

Why have you gone back on every single one of these statements you made to us?

  1. Cathy is gone.
  2. The past is most definitely repeating itself (and worse).
  3. Salaries are NOT more important than spending money on our children and their education. Especially when said salaries are higher than most in Franklin County!
  4. So when are you resigning?

I stayed on the PTSA at CMS even though I have no students in this district anymore, because I believe in this district and most importantly what CMS and FCCTC are doing for our students in this district. That being said I am going to finish my term this year and I am giving it up.

Why???? Because I have lost all faith in this district as a whole.

I used to believe we had a voice, that we could make our voices heard. That is no longer true, you have lost so many exceptional teachers and staff within the district because of the way it is run.

Some choose to retire, but most have moved to other districts that treat their teachers and staff much better than ours does. Because we know that the administration building is more important than the teachers and staff on the front lines. (sarcastic remark)

Disappointment, sorrow

I am just so disappointed that you have chosen to become a tyrant leader. I feel so sorry for anyone that works in this district right now because they fear retribution if they speak against you or anyone in the administration building. I know for a fact the mass exodus is not done. I have many friends in the district and many more are looking to leave.

WHY at this critical time when people are not working, kids are hungry, families are struggling, are we stopping the food pantry at CMS from distributing food? This is something our PTSA and CMS families fund. As a district, you give us nothing towards this. Why are we not permitted to continue this very successful program?

Please someone respond and answer this question because I am very curious as to why we will choose to let our 50+ families that we serve to go hungry. We as a PTSA are totally responsible for the food pantry. We fund it 100% with donations of food and money. Please someone explain!

SHAME on you the board of this school district for letting another wolf in sheep’s clothing to pull the wool over your eyes.

Are you ready to admit that it is time to hire from within the district and stop the influx of evil we get from outside the district. Time to hire someone that has a stake in this district and not just here for a check. Someone who has or has had kids in this district so they know and care what happens.

Advice to board

Hire someone THAT LIVES IN OUR DISTRICT, and does not just have an empty house sitting in the district.

It is time to do what your constituents want, not what you want. You were elected to be the voice of your area. So why not start doing that job!

Due to Covid-19 no one has been able to attend a meeting, and the virtual meetings are a joke, we can not ask questions live,

You could hold meetings in a larger arena or outside so people could show up and ask you questions or talk to you about concerns but I feel you do not want this to happen.

At least have some video so we can see who is talking. We have several new members on the board and I know who they are but there are so many people who do not.

It is time for this district to move into the technology era.

The 1:1 program should have been done years ago, not when our hand was forced to do it. We could have been doing it gradually grade by grade, school by school or whatever.

But because of poor planning and spending money on Admin salaries that are out of control and not putting money where it belongs, here we are.

It is time for all of you to take a hard look in the mirror and decide:. Are YOU what is best for this district? If you can not emphatically say YES, then step down or resign.

I look forward to a response. Thank you for your time.

Tracy Hershey,

CASD taxpayer, Guilford Township

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