Front Page from 1920: June 18th

Looking back at the history of our country and the local region, I have started reading old copies of newspapers that have been digitalized by This weekly series will look at front-page news, from the roaring 20’s.

U.S. Spent 20 Billion

According to a report released on June 17th, 1920 the United States Spent over 20 billion in one year. The expenses from July 1, 1919, to May 31, 1920, nearly reached $21 billion. One of the largest expenditures was $961,224,703 for federal control of the railroads.

For comparison last year the U.S. Government spent $6.82 trillion.

Citizens Comment on the Reorganization of the Chamber of Commerce

George E. Gillbert and R. A. Sellers expressed excitement over the reorganization of the Chamber of Commerce.

“I consider a good live chamber of commerce the best thing that Chambersburg could have. Here’s hoping we go over the top”, said Gilbert.

Sellers echoed this by saying, “An efficient chamber of commerce has been a long felt want in Chambersburg. I believe it will be a success.”

Today the Cumberland Valley Business Alliance, a partnership between the Greater Chambersburg Chamber of Commerce and Greencastle-Antrim has nearly 1,000 businesses that it serves.

No work because of car shortage

In Columbus, miners were receiving the highest wages ever paid, with high demand for coal. Even with this, miners were struggling from hunger according to the Ohio United Mine Workers. Miners reported that they had only been averaging one day of work a week due to a car shortage.

With the recent baby formula shortage and other supply chain issues, we have experienced, it’s interesting that 1920 was not different for certain goods.


Sandra K “Sandy” Corwell 1947~2023

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