Front Page from 1920: June 25th

Looking back at the history of our country and the local region, we are continuing to read copies of newspapers that have been digitalized by This continued weekly series will look at front-page news, from the roaring 20’s.

Bridge Completed: Lincoln Highway at Stoufferstown

At this point in local history, the concrete bridge over the Lincoln Highway at Stoufferstown was completed. Residents were provided notice that the bridge would open in three weeks. They instructed that no detour was necessary as vehicles could negotiate it by using the trolley roadbed.

They stated that this bridge would permit an open way as far as Piney Mountain Inn until the Souder Co. gets further west in its work.

Freight Traffic Ceases to Move

In Hagerstown, the Western Maryland Railway had approximately 225 employees out on strict this morning. The strike of local workers began at about 2 a.m. when 50 men on the midnight shift quit work.

At the same time the railroad labor board said it would expedite its award in the railroad wage controversy were given to President Wilson. The interstate commerce commission had concerns amid coal shortages in New England and other eastern states where a coal shortage existed. This strike paired with ones in Baltimore and Philadelphia created freight congestion.

20 Year Old Youth Guilty of Murder

John McHenry formerly from New London was found guilty of first-degree murder by a jury for the shooting of James Armstrong. During the trial, witnesses from Connecticut, Maine, and Rhode Island testified as to his varying period in prison and reform schools.

Sergeant Armstrong was shot in an attempt to arrest the youth who had attempted to rob an auto accessories shop. McHenry had just shot and killed the proprietor when he was confronted by Armstrong.

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