Pennsylvania: Gas Nearly Hits $5.00 at Most Local Pumps


Gas prices in Franklin County are rising along with other parts of Pennsylvania. Jumping 13 cents overnight and now just below the five-dollar mark in Chambersburg. Summer travel to find new and lost places, could be a thing of summer years past.

It’s reported that gas prices rose nationally for 10 days straight, the average price for a gallon of gas in Pennsylvania has now surpassed $5. Pennsylvania averaged $5.03 per gallon for regular unleaded gasoline and $6.19 for diesel, according to AAA. A year ago, it was $3.18 for gas and $3.54 for diesel.

Are Gas Prices Effecting the Community Yet

The harsh and real effect is fear and uncertainty. Fear that residents are not going to be able to afford gas to go to and from work, fear that they may not be able to pay to heat their homes this winter, fear with the rising gas prices their utilities will go up. Garbage and electricity has already catapulted to higher rates, in addition to Verizon and other cell phone companies adding economic surcharges.

Uncertain if they will be able to afford the gas it takes to go to and from work all week to just survive for some is the new normal.

A lot of people commute to work and many transport to move the products we buy and use everyday, causing price increases to be reflected in almost all services.

Cheap Fuel Prices Around Franklin County

BJ’s in Chambersburg

Regular – $4.87

Premium- $5.38

Diesel- $5.97

Rutter’s in Mercersburg

  • Regular- $4.99
  • Midgrade- $5.29
  • Premium- $5.39
  • Diesel- $6.25

Talhelms Gas in Greencastle

  • Regular- $4.93
  • Diesel- $6.07

Sunoco in Fayetteville

  • Regular- $4.99
  • Midgrade- $5.39
  • Premium- $5.74
  • Diesel- $5.99

Sheetz in Shippensburg

  • Regular-$4.99
  • Midgrade- $5.29
  • Premium- $5.39
  • Diesel- $5.99