Chambersburg borough: Gateway Avenue roadwork at Chambers Square

Gateway Avenue roadwork

Motorists should be cautious when traveling on Gateway Avenue toward Norland on the northeast end of Chambersburg, with roadwork planned to improve access into and from the driveway at Chambers Square.

Alpha Space Control is installing crosshatch lines and removing turn arrow pavement markings on the Gateway Avenue turning lane at the right-in/right-out driveway to the Chambers Square Shopping Center.

The turning lane provides access into and out of the shopping center near Starbucks Coffee and Five Guys.

The design of the access road does not allow left turns from Gateway into the shopping center driveway, or from that driveway onto Gateway. Officials believe the new pavement markings and signs will make the “no left turn” rule clearer.

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Chambersburg Police Department will enforce the right in, right out rule in an effort to cut down on no left turn violations. Patrols in the area will increase when the project is finished.

Vehicle access will be restricted while the work is taking place. An Alpha Space Control flagging crew will properly direct vehicles through the work area.

Work prompted by left turn violations

Borough Council approved the right-in/right-out driveway on Gateway Avenue in 2014 as part of Borough Plan RE-1405. That was the final land development plan for Reyjoyce, LLC for Chambersburg Square, Phase 2.

Left turns have always been prohibited from the driveway onto Gateway. The rule was mostly ignored by motorists, especially after Starbucks and Five Guys opened.

Council expressed concern in February about motorists making illegal and unsafe left turns from the shopping center onto Gateway. The situation was worse when vehicles turning left from Gateway onto Norland Avenue were backed up in the turn lane

Council asked borough staff to devise a plan to ensure motorists are aware of the left turn prohibitions. That plan includes the new pavement markings and signs that will soon be installed.

The Borough of Chambersburg asks motorists for patience while this work is completed.

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