Letter to the Editor: Gerrymandering

Letter to the Editor: Gerrymandering

We are approaching the season of voting for our representatives on Tuesday April 28, 2020 with an issue that is pertinent to all voters. 

Gerrymandering in Pennsylvania is cutting many voters out of their votes because the upcoming reapportionment and redistricting will be done by our legislative leadership — they will draw our districts to favor their party. 

We the voters want an independent commission of voters to draw the districts, so every voter’s vote counts.

Carl Rove, a party loyalist, is quoted as saying ‘your draw the lines, you make the rules’.  This is exactly what is happening and has happened for 208 years in this country and this state.  

What has changed is the information accumulated by all our computer systems, purchasing transactions, social media contacts, voter registration, etc.  We are subsequently profiled by data programs that indicate many of our preferences including how we are most likely to vote on issues and candidates. 

The legislative leadership uses this information to draw their district lines to ensure their party’s dominance in the House and/or Senate.  The Democrats do this, as well as the Republicans.

I encourage you to contact you legislators. We have six in Franklin County.  Let them know you are not happy with their gerrymandering behavior.  They need to stand up for their voters and show their independence to represent the voters regardless of party. 

House bills HB 22 & HB 23 and Senate bills SB 1022 & SB 1023 are the means to implement and secure an independent commission. 

The following shows the current status of our legislators’ support or lack of support with HB 22 & HB 23 and SB 1022 & SB 1023. 

Please note Rob Kauffman House District 89 is co-sponsoring HB 22 & HB 23.  Let him know you appreciate his decision to support the bills and that he is working in the best interest of you the voter.

John Bryner,
Fair Districts Coordinator for Franklin County