Gettysburg Battlefield Preservation Saves Fifty Additional Acres

he Gettysburg Battlefield Preservation Association (GBPA) celebrates the
preservation of almost 50 more acres slated to be turned over to the Gettysburg National Park.
Founded in 1959, the GBPA has contributed roughly 200 acres to the National Park Service.

“We were approached with an amazing opportunity,” said GBPA President Kirk E Davis, Sr.
“With the help of several principal people at Members 1 st Credit Union we were able to make it

Mr. Melvin Crouse has owned the property directly across the street from the Historic Daniel
Lady Farm on Rt 116 for almost forty years. He worked closely with the GBPA and Mr. Davis by
allowing parking on his site for events held at the Lady Farm. Mr. Crouse realized the need for
these fundraisers to maintain the 150-acre historic property and its buildings. When it came
time to downsize and he considered selling his property, Mr. Crouse offered it first to GBPA.

“I didn’t want a strip mall or condos to be built on such beautiful land” said Mr. Crouse. “I know
Kirk and the GBPA will take excellent care of the place”.

Research done by GBPA shows a large part of the property was part of the Lady Farm at the
time of the Battle of Gettysburg. In addition, the acquisition includes Wolf Hill, a key location for
the battle. Adjacent to Culp’s Hill, Wolf Hill was where Major General Edward Johnson
arranged his men for battle in a ravine that continued to Benner’s Run. General Johnson used
the Daniel Lady Farm as his headquarters and it was a Confederate Field Hospital during the


The Daniel Lady Farm was purchased in 1999 with the intention of donating it and the 150 acres
around it to the Park. The GBPA spent the next several years restoring the house and barn
only to find out the Park Service could not accept it because it was not contiguous with the
Park’s boarders. The GBPA chose to maintain the property, giving tours and eventually holding
events in order to pay for the necessary expenses. Under President Davis, the GBPA was able
to obtain the property between the Farm and Benner Hill which now makes it contiguous. The
purchase of the Crouse property will help complete the story of the battle at Culp’s Hill and the
contribution of the Daniel Lady Farm.

“Unfortunately, the National Park cannot accept property with any encumbrances,” says Davis.
“We are very grateful to Reenactors and the Public who participate in our events and
fundraisers. That is even more important now that we have a mortgage that needs to be paid
before we can start the turn-over process.” Davis explained the next large event being held at
the Lady Farm will be the 160 th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg on June 30, July 1 & 2,
2023. Tickets to that event as well a list of all GBPA events can be found on the Events page of or Donations can also be made online or mailed to GBPA, P O
Box 4087, Gettysburg, PA 17325.

The people in the picture from left to right are:
Diana Forgett (Vice President), Dennis Pennese (Trustee), Theresa Burnette (Vice President), Laura Becker, Rebecca Prehoda, Ellen Diehl (from Members 1st), and Kirk E Davis, Sr (President).