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To the Editor:

We are very fortunate to have a candidate running for Franklin County Commissioner like John Flannery. Not only is he a successful businessman but he has helped to create countless hundreds of jobs over the past few years. And I like that.

John Flannery is a conservative and he understands how NOT to squander our tax dollars. Unfortunately, there are politicians who spend and waste our hard earned tax dollars. He has pledged not to become a career politician and has said he will not serve more than two terms if he is elected. I like this too because I see that John knows serving in public office is not meant to be a career. Our founders never envisioned people serving in office for twenty or thirty or forty years.

On so many of the issues, John Flannery is spot-on with me and my own views. Its why I have decided to give him a chance on May 21st by casting my vote for him. I do not believe he will let us down. I think he will keep his promises. I think he will make sure our communities are safe and secure. I think he will fight for low taxes and fiscal responsibility. And I think he will uphold the conservative principles for which I believe in and support.

Give John Flannery a chance on May 21st and cast a vote for him. Thank you and God bless.

Richard Williams
Waynesboro, Pennsylvania

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  1. I agree with Mr. Williams. It’s time we elect someone that loves his community and the people that live here,and will work hard to serve and fight for us. I’m voting for John Flannery